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16 Jul 2017
09:11darekHi, does gnome music can handle two-channel songs? Tracker has indexed these for me, I can see the songs in overview search results, but in gnome music app two-channel songs are not listed
09:11perseptolehi. what is the predecessor to gnome3-pinentry for the command line? when a command line application requires e.g. my pgp password a gnome3-pinentry window pops open, but i would like to enter the key directly in the terminal. how can i achieve that?
09:11perseptolebtw using debian 9
16:31yetooDoes anyone know where the github is located for the I need to fix some documentation/
16:35Choo[m]is there any way to manage the network on gnome-boxes ?
18:08davidcan anyone please help me with a problem i'm having?
18:10kilsajit's a problem with gdm
18:10kilsajfor some reason /etc/gdm3/Default/Init never runs
19:02exalmHello. Where can I get latest GNOME Continuous images? The ones at are 4 months old
21:00exalmyetoo: That's not images. That's build system sources
21:58detlyI'm trying to get my system to use DNS provided by my VPN provider when connecting to the VPN (via gnome
21:58detly's network settings)
21:58detlythis is on gnome 2.24/ubuntu 17.04
21:58detlybut while I do that, I'm also looking for workarounds
21:59detlyI'm wondering if there's a way to set up two profiles for connecting to the same wifi network, one with the normal DNS and one with the VPN DNS
22:01detly(I suspect the VPN DNS problem is more related to Ubuntu's setup rather than Gnome, so I've asked that elsewhere)
17 Jul 2017
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