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16 Apr 2017
13:10jurf[m]Falk: you here?
13:20Falk[m]jurf: yea
13:21jurf[m]Falk: cool, can you please do a `pacman -Qo gdialog` for me?
13:21Falk[m][falk@faultierfarm ~]$ pacman -Qo gdialog
13:21Falk[m]/usr/bin/gdialog ist in zenity 3.22.0+1+gcd1647c-1 enthalten
13:21Falk[m]zenity contains gdialog
13:24jurf[m]Falk: thanks
15:40oidualchi, anyone got gnome 3.24 working with wayland+nvidia drivers?
15:41markohey everyone, i have an issue with installing the gnome shell integration for Firefox (the addon). I am using Debian Stretch and I am running Firefox 45 ESR, so it's too old for the addon
15:42markoSame thing for both Google Chrome and Chromium
15:43vurpo[m]marko: modern browsers don't support plugins anymore
15:43markooh that's just evil
15:44markois there another way of downloading the gnome extensions then?
15:44vurpo[m]Actually it removes a huge security hole
15:44markowell that makes sense
15:44vurpo[m]At least Fedora has put them in the Gnome Software app nowadays
15:45vurpo[m]On my computers (Fedora), I can find the shell extensions in a section in the Software app
15:45markohm, i've seen like one or two on there but when I search "extension" it returns nothing
15:45vurpo[m]Alternatively you can use Gnome Web (Epiphany), which supports it
15:45markooh lemme see if i have that too
15:45markoOH yes it's there
15:46markothank you, it was hidden a bit
15:47vurpo[m]I think the goal is to migrate the extensions away from the web browser, because they are all killing plugin support nowadays
15:48markoyeah that's probably it, it's been going like this for a while now
15:48markoeveryone stayed away from Flash because of security issues
15:48markothen the Java plugin
15:48markoand a bunch of other stuff
18:13sakib__is there any gnome developer online now?
18:15jurf[m]sakib__: not many on sunday
20:18ryanleesipes_so, I see an error on the wiki and want to edit it. I have a GNOME wiki account. How can I propose an edit?
17 Apr 2017
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