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15 May 2017
00:09geekgnome is freezing for some time with this message spamming in tty NVRM: XVID .... <PCI:0000:01:00) 16 head 00000001 Count 001db5b3
00:15geek NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 375.66, but NVRM: this kernel module has the version 375.39. Please 0.o
00:17geekupdating the kernel will solve the gnome issue :)
05:05geeksystemctl stop gdm --force only stop gdm and gnome keep running
05:05geekit opens gdm in a new tty and after try to login it fails
05:05geekgnome keeps running in tty2
05:33CharlesICthe gnome-accounts bug continues
05:34bugbotBug 171770: nautilus, normal, Normal, ---, nautilus-maint, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Nautilus Crashes upon entry to a directory on shared Fat32 drive
12:47csorianoCharlesIC: you need to says omething in that bug report if the issue still continues after that patch
14:09CharlesIC csoriano
19:40blueblur112198hey, my titlebars are doubled
19:41csorianoblueblur112198: what distro?
19:41blueblur112198using gnome 3.24.1 Wayland on Arch Linux
19:41blueblur112198csoriano, Arch
19:41csorianoblueblur112198: looks like your settings are enforcing the client side decorations
19:41csorianois using gnome-shell?
19:42csorianoserver side decorations*
19:42blueblur112198Idk what could cause it, but my guess would be the WM not detecting each program&#39;s client side titlebars
19:42blueblur112198anyone seen this issue before?
19:43blueblur112198not sure why that would be
19:43csorianoblueblur112198: what wm are you using? gnome-shell?
19:43blueblur112198its gnome-shell 3.24.1
19:44csorianothen I have no idea
19:44csorianoblueblur112198: can you ask in #gnome-shell?
19:44blueblur112198using the default adwaita theme
16 May 2017
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