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15 Jul 2017
10:16ptyx[m]What do you guys think of Zorin's desktop shell?
10:17ptyx[m]Imo it's the best instance of Gnome
15:58phanesis this a good place to get answers for GTK questions? - #gtk+
18:22gurditsbediI wanted to know that how can I change terminal profile preferences from the terminal itself.
18:23gurditsbediI want to programmatically select, built in color scheme
18:25zsgnome-terminal --window-with-profile=PROFILENAME
18:26zssee $man gnome-terminal for more
19:54nonamei'd like to suggest (feature request) an improvement in the network-manager-openconnect GUI. how would i best file this?
22:58nonamehmm, this channel is more calm than i had expected
16 Jul 2017
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