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15 Feb 2017
04:44OrsxWhy need session gnome-dummy?
04:44Orsxin fedora 25
04:50heis2201_hi, does anyone know what happened to gnome-nanny (the content filtering/control program)?
05:04Tierrais anyone online?
05:06Tierrasay, I have a question for an application. is it better to do it at their own channel or here?
05:18albfanTierra if you're new to GNOME general questions on #newcomers and specific question on dedicated channel for project. If you have background on GNOME maybe this is a good place to ask, or gnome-hackers or gtk+ (it depends)
05:45Tierraok. thanks.
17:01vibhavpDon't know if this is the best place to ask this, but should programs looking to implement gesture support use the libinput or GTK API?
17:54aperezdcvibhavp: if your program is already using GTK+, I would go with GtkGesture
17:54aperezdcfor starters, you get a higher level API
18:35cynedeThe 'highlight' program not found - what's that?
19:18scootergrisenWhen i run "/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight-helper --set-brightness 5" it does not change the backlight. Why is that?
19:33idkCpp scootergrisen: what device are you using? I had problems with backlight as well on my samsung... don't know when this was fixes but suddenly it worked and does to this day... never found out why...
19:35scootergrisenIt work in MINT for some reason
19:38idkCpphow old is your laptop?
19:41idkCpphey manuelschneid3r
19:44scootergrisenmaybe 7 yo
19:45idkCpphmm... you recently installed gnome or does this problem persist for some time now?
19:46scootergrisenIm not sure if it have ever worked in gnome. I used another computer before this one and i this it worked on that one
19:48scootergrisenI can control the like with xbackset -set 40
19:48idkCppi think i cant help you one this one.
19:48scootergrisenBut i would like the gnome light slider to work
19:48idkCppi have to say i'm no gnome-dev so i know little, but let me quickly look into the slider...
19:51idkCppyou know the JS scripting backend for gnome?
19:51scootergrisenIn the log i can see it runs "/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight-helper --set-brightness 5" when i pull the slider
19:52scootergrisenBut gsd-backlight-helper is unable to change the light level
19:52idkCppthe gnome-extensions are programmed in JavaScript... the whole of gnome seems to be programmed a lot in JS (but as i said i'm no insider) and there is a file called ui/status/brightness.js
19:52idkCppin this file there is a function _sliderChanged... i think you just have to override the code to use the command you found out
19:53scootergrisenOk but xbacklight is a program i downloaded. It does not come with gnome. I would also like to fix the problem for future gnome realases
19:53scootergrisenWhere is ui/status/brightness.js ?
19:54idkCppthese files are integrated somewhere and you have to enter a command to extract them... let me quickly look up which
19:58idkCppyou have to extract the resources into a folder and then edit the part for this specific slider and then start restart the gnome-shell with the GNOME_SHELL_JS Envvar set to the folder...
19:59user87123borschty: I found the culprit
20:00ayushHello i want to contribute to gnome so can some one help
20:00user87123It was the new i915 DisplayPort "power well" mechanism. It makes it possible for userspace to actually shut down a monitor - which under Gnome Wayland seems to have triggered a bug.
20:01user87123Now, when I lock the screen, the monitor times out like normal ("No input, going to standby"), before it switched off immediatly (due to the "power well" mechanism)
20:05andreayush, Hi! See
20:05andreayush: #newcomers is a better channel :)
20:05borschtyuser87123, interesting, maybe you could talk to jadahl about this, if there is something that could be done about this on the gnome side
20:11user87123borschty: Well, I contacted the i915 devs, lets see if this is a known problem
20:11user87123After all, it's a new thing in i915
20:11user87123*on 4.9
20:29loadedanvilshaving a weird issue that when I press home + left or home + right, I get put into a tty terminal
20:30loadedanvilswhen I exit it, the window is correctly maximized on the left or right side, but it didn't put me into a tty terminal before
20:30loadedanvilsis anybody else having this issue? Using Gnome 3.18 I believe
16 Feb 2017
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