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15 Apr 2017
02:20tyler274when using gdm and compiling my own theme file for a custom background image, how do i instruct gdm to put the image like a wallpaper across all connected screens? (as in the image rendered on each screen entirely
14:43da2xHi. [GNOME 3.22.3 on Fedora 24] Is there any way I can easily change the title bar color for some apps? Im looking to customize windows per app, like this
14:49Falk[m]da2x: the titlebar color is part of your GTK theme, therefore there is no easy way to change it.
14:50da2xFalk[m]: I found `xprop -f _GTK_THEME_VARIANT 8u -set _GTK_THEME_VARIANT "dark"` which suggest I can create red, blue, yellow themes, but I guess the days of anything prefixed with x are numbered.
14:52Falk[m]Adwaita:dark is a theme variant of the Adwaita theme, you can create other variants, thats possible
14:54Falk[m]By default there exists only Adwaita (white) and Adwaita:dark (dark)
14:54da2xFalk[m]: but will xprop work with wayland? or should I set the theme some other way?
15:11csorianoda2x: no, xprop won't work on wayland
15:17csorianoit actually looks like it works :O
15:20vurpo[m]it works on X windows in Wayland
15:31da2xand there is no replacement for wayland, of course?
19:05ShanShenHi! Using Gnome 3 for the first time, on Ubuntu 17.04. Does Gnome 3 have desktop widgets?
19:20da2xShanShen: no, youre thinking of Plasma desktop. The closts youll get is
19:33vurpo[m]well then
16 Apr 2017
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