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14 May 2017
04:01geeksomething changed in gnome 3.24? it seems faster than gnome 3.22
14:34Omar007Quick question; how does one change the email on the account of I can't seem to find any information about that one the website.
22:25geekI am using manjaro but every gtk app I get this Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "unity-gtk-module"
22:25geekdon't know how to remove this warning
22:38geekabout nautilus, is there a way to enter in the folder .themes by just typing it? actually I need to type / then the whole path to reach it
22:41csorianogeek: you mean search by just typing?
22:47geekcsoriano, I mean nautilus recognize the current path, eg. /home/csoriano, if I type .themes it will enter there
22:48csorianogeek: nautilus recognizes the current path for search
22:48csorianowhat do you mean exaxtly to just enter?
22:48csorianoif you type some word, just enter the folder withouth pressing <enter>?
22:48geekI just want to enter in dirs with keyboard
22:49csorianogeek then search and press enter
22:49geekif I type .themes in home dir shows nothing
22:49csorianogeek do you have hidden folders visible?
22:49geekcsoriano, not visible
22:50geekwell this is the problem
22:50csorianoif the folder is not visible, we obvously filter it
22:50geekhow do we enter in hide folders without turning them visible
22:50csorianoturning them visible... what do you expect? showing results that otherwise are not present?
22:51geekextra shortcut ctrl +h, not fast at all but ok
22:52geekcsoriano, where can I suggest new features for nautilus?
22:54csorianogeek: bugzilla
22:54geekfor example ~ does nothing, use it for current folders as &#39;/&#39; is for full path
22:54csorianomark them as enhancement
22:56geekI will do that, thank you
22:59geekdon&#39;t know if they will accept this suggestions because words like word won&#39;t be filtered, except if hit ~ two times to avoid this issue
23:05geekwell this feature won&#39;t be accepted after all because ~files
23:14geekcsoriano, how I mark it as enhancement?
23:14geekmy suggestion will be &quot;~/&quot;, you are the nautilus developer
23:19csorianogeek: you mark them on the tags iirc
23:19csorianoyes, I&#39;m maintainer of nautilus
23:20geekcsoriano, I did it, thank you
15 May 2017
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