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13 May 2017
15:02geekGNOME 3.24.2 Desktop Environment Officially Released as the Last, finally, I don't like the number 3
15:04dboleswhat was your point?
15:07geekoh no, I though it would jump to gnome 4, but still 3.26 is the next
15:07geekI think the gnome version follows gtk? if gnome 4 = gtk4
15:12dbolesGTK+ 4 is still in prerelease stages, so it has its own version numbering scheme
15:13dboleslatest preview is 3.90, next is 3.92
15:13dbolesthe versions will probably sync up eventually, yes
15:15geekif gnome reach 3.30 I will stop to use it until 3.40 haha
15:21adil[m]Hey Guys, Is it really true that gnome is faster than Windows 10 and it consume less resources.?
15:22dbolesI think that really depends on how you configure the two different OSes and desktops (remember GNOME is just a desktop running on top of some Linux distro). Where did you read that? What is your distro?
15:22dbolesI mean, I can totally _imagine_ that it's true, especially with how much bloat Windows has installed by default in many cases... but I've never seen an actual comparison, so I can't say
15:23adil[m]Arch linux I3 Nvidia GT730 GPU 4GB ram
15:24adil[m]I am long time windows user, last 6 months I am using arch with gnome, But I am having some performance issues.
15:25dbolesWhat are those?
15:26adil[m]Arch is Linux destro, Processor I3 intel
15:26dboles...i meant what are those performance issues you mentioned
15:28adil[m]Like sometime cursors stucks, take long time to open apps
15:29dboleshas it been like that since you first installed GNOME, or just started more recently?
15:30adil[m]It's from beginning.
15:31adil[m]I know Linux, it is better and fast,, but I didn't get any good DE yet. A less buggy and choppy.
15:32geekadil[m] gnome is not spyware like windows 10, gnome is free from virus, gnome is free from every shit, gnome is infinitely better than windows
15:32geekthe only thing that sucks in gnome is the number 3
15:32adil[m]Yeah, but also buggy.
15:33geekadil[m] for you, not for me
15:33geekadil[m], what distro?
15:33dbolesyeah, i've only used GNOME on a more powerful machine, so i can't really comment on whether it has noticeable performance differences fact, i went from running Windows on a bad mechanical HD, to running Linux (KDE then GNOME) on a super fast SSD... so i have no fair comparison at all ;)
15:33adil[m]Like select options in gnome leave extra spaces after selecting the last options which annoy me.
15:34geekwhat do you mean
15:36adil[m]I recently mentioned my issue on superuser.
15:36dbolesSuperuser is not the place to make feature requests for GNOME
15:37dbolesOK, my bad
15:37dbolesYou were asking whether there was a setting that could be changed or something
15:39adil[m]I just want
15:39adil[m]Buggless, customizable at any level, less choppy. That's it.,
15:39adil[m]I know Windows is not enough customizable but whtever they provide it satisfy me more.
15:41dbolesIf you can identify specific situations where GNOME falls short of your expectations then you can submit bugs to help the developers improve it
15:42dbolesthen it can get closer to bugless, although that's kind of a utopian vision for any software
15:46adil[m]dboles: thanks.
15:47adil[m]Yeah I will do, and will to contribute also.
15:49dbolesgreat! hopefully it will get closer and closer to your ideal :)
15:51adil[m]:), I love open source, and really wanna stick with it.
16:43L0g4nAd4msHi, is there an easy way to clear quick the 2 clipboards (primary and default) ?
14 May 2017
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