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13 Jul 2017
01:08x_roothello, since today when i try to use fedora 25 gnome shows services as "[ok] .. running/service" but don't start. Also, when i try to use terminal (tty trough ctrl+alt+f3 for example) the screen keeps flickering and i can't input my user properly. What can i do?
05:40Demos[m]hey, what does "use global dark theme" actually do?
05:40Demos[m]why do I have to restart apps after selecting that but not after selecting a dark theme
16:17simon_Hi! I'm developing a gtk app wich needs to poll data from gamepads at a high frequency (at least 120 Hz). Can I use 'gtk_timout_add' to create a loop or better use a new thread?
16:42azakisimon_: i don't have any experience so i can't give you advice with that, but i'm curious, is it a game?
16:43azakii haven't heard of people using games for gtk development, so i'm just asking out of curiosity
16:43azakier... using gtk for games development..
16:43azakiwow, i'm half asleep. >_>
17:04anddamcan I store a trust anchor in a user storage? just using trust anchor --store mycert.crt yields 'p11-kit: no configured writable location to store anchors'
17:04anddamI see I could use trust as superuser but I'd like to store the anchor as user
17:04anddamI cannot find how to configure a storage
19:30simon_azaki: I make a tool wich converts controller input to mouse/keyboard input. It uses gtk for easy configuration.
14 Jul 2017
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