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13 Feb 2017
10:35highvoltageHi! I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm trying to add a default system wide keyboard shortcut so that users can press ctrl+alt+t to open terminix
10:36highvoltagethis is what I've tried in a gsettings override file in /usr/glib-2.0/schemas:
10:36highvoltageI think it fails because there isn't yet a default schema for those settings. am I going about it the wrong way, and what's the right way to implement that?
15:16asteriskHey, I am unable to figure out why my gdm crash is failing. The two suspicious lines are
15:16asteriskwhy my gdm session is crashing*
15:17asteriskWould anyone have any idea on how to further debug it?
18:10user87123borschty: Hey!
18:11borschtyuser87123, hi
18:12user87123Sorry to ambush you, but I wanted to see if you got further input on this: I know tried watching multiple dbus interfaces, like Mutter's IdleMonitor and DisplayConfig, but to no avail
18:12user87123Nothing shows when the screen is switched on
18:13borschtyi'm still guessing it's a driver issue
18:13user87123Which driver?
18:13user87123The KMS one (i915)?
18:14user87123Hm, shouldn't that show on Plasma Wayland or Gnome X11 too, then?
18:15user87123Nevermind, any idea how to debug this? I want to find anything to even start debugging this, like a log which shows the monitor is turned on...
18:15user87123The udev monitor didn't show anything, btw
18:15borschtyit could be an issue with it wrongly detecting a display being hotplugged, that triggers an event only handled in the wayland backend of mutter
18:16borschtyok, then it's probably not that, but no idea what else it might be
18:16user87123Okay, hm, I did see log entries when I actually unplugged and replugged the monitor
18:16borschtybut given that not everybody is seeing this, my guess would be at least a driver specific component to this
18:19user87123Hm, I need to find an HDMI cable to verify it. Maybe it's related to DP only
20:23scootergrisenHow can i remove the shadows around windows in GNOME?
20:24hergertmescootergrisen: most of the shadows are client side (in gtk applications), and that can be controled from GTK CSS
20:25scootergrisenAre there any GUI way of doing it?
20:26hergertmeim trying to remember the file to edit, but there is a user overrides CSS file you can put somewhere in ~/.config i think, and it would be something like: "window decoration { shadow: none };" or similar (not sure exactly)
20:34hergertmescootergrisen: ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
20:34hergertmescootergrisen: you can play around with how you like it using the GTK inspector and modifying the CSS
20:36scootergrisenI dont have gtk.css should it be there?
20:40borschtyno, you need to create it
20:42scootergrisenWhat do i need to do to apply the changes
20:44borschtyrestart the applications
20:58scootergrisenDo you think .window-frame {box-shadow: none;} is correct?
21:05borschtywhich version of gtk do you use?
21:30scootergrisenI dont know
21:31hergertmeif you happen to have gtk3-demo installed, just add --version
21:31hergertmeor you can decode it from the library name like /usr/lib64/ => 3.22.7
21:32scootergrisengtk-launch --version says 3.22.7
21:33hergertmescootergrisen: run gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding true
21:33hergertmethen you can use ctrl+alt+d to bring up the inspector in a gtk app
21:33hergertmego to CSS, and you can play with CSS for the app there until you get it how you like
21:33hergertmethen just copy that to the css file
21:34hergertme~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css that is
21:35hergertmewindow decoration { box-shadow: none; } seems to work for me
21:36hergertmeyou may want to add something like border: 1px solid;
21:39scootergrisenOk thanks i will try
21:43borschtydecoration { box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.23); }
21:44borschtythat should give you the same look as the default theme but without the shadows
22:14scootergrisenIt seems to change the menus.
22:14scootergrisenI wanted to change the window
22:18scootergrisenHmm what the heck
22:18scootergrisenStrange. In SciTE text editor it changes the menus but in like GNOME files it changes the window
22:19scootergrisenSciTE says its using GTK+ 3.22.5
23:46svitohey, msanchez! Just wondering about bug you are CCed. desrt has patches laying around for it but unfortunately they need to be submitted to xorg-devel ml to get review
23:48svitoI should probably mail him, can't sign-off his patch myself unfortunately -- legal stuff
14 Feb 2017
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