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13 Aug 2017
04:08lc0748264hay alguien hay ?
17:22dbolesali1234: I've attached a patch to the Popover bug; it'd be good if you could test it with your original scenario and any other crazy ones you can think up, though I don't think (famous last words) it can make anything worse
17:23dbolesali1234: It does seem to fix the problem for me here, and not break any other (already OK) positioning
17:59ali1234dboles what about the top-left origin?
18:06ali1234red = area popover should be constrained to
18:06ali1234green = shadow area
18:06ali1234blue = shadow area if you only adjust the width and height
18:07ali1234... or, is it the case that with the original code, the popover was constrained within the yellow area?
18:07ali1234in which case adjusting only the width and height gives the correct result
18:08ali1234hmm :/
18:20dbolesali1234: hm, good point, let me check
18:25ali1234dboles: it's possible that the top-left position was always correct, and the constraint area was actually overflowing by 2x the shadow width on the bottom and right edges only
18:26dbolesi'm just recompiling testpopover to include a headerbar so we test csd there too
18:32ali1234i can't build gtk master because my glib is too old
18:33dbolesyou'd probably run into other errors anyway; at least one backend is currently broken (broadway)
18:34dbolessince this affects 3.22, and should be fixed there, i would say to test on that
18:34dboles(patches should usually be submitted for master if poss, but if they're small and easy to cherry-pick then my guess is it doesn't really matter)
18:36dbolesanyway my tests here on the top-left shadows look good so far... though i'm not certain why :)
18:39ali1234can't build 3.22 either
18:39dboleswait, no i think you're right after all
19:17dbolesali1234: fwiw just using the GtkBin child of the window doesn't work (creates other problems) presumably due to its own allocation being shifted. maybe with 2 layers of gtk_widget_translate_coordinates() we can hack around that... but i feel like surely there's a better way. hopefully someone else can point it out :S
19:18dbolesyou could always ask in #gtk+ and see if any dev there knows - sometimes these things are a quick fix, like 'oh yeah you just need to do this instead', but i'm not on that level with size allocation :P
14 Aug 2017
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