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12 Sep 2017
00:16kurtHi, if I install a foo-doc package from my distro, e.g. python-doc, is there a way to make those files accessible in Yelp, the GNOME help viewer?
00:47ptomato[m]kurt: you could convert them into devhelp "book" format, but I don't know if anyone's done that for python docs
01:00kurtptomato: thanks, doesn't look like anything out of the box then
01:01ptomato[m]no, afraid not
09:28ptyx[m]Hello all, I have a support question, and really need some help. Would anyone be so kind?
09:29androvex[m]Fire away with the question.
09:30ptyx[m]Oh thank you. My issue is: I can't start a gnome session, and I can't tell what's wrong. I'm running Zorin OS 12.1
09:30ptyx[m]Actually, the login screen won't even load
09:30androvex[m]What happens? Do you login it things about it for a bit and then bounces back to gdm or something?
09:31androvex[m]Your Login manager is not loading?
09:31androvex[m]Is it GDM?
09:31ptyx[m]Correct, the login manager isn't loading. I think it's GDM, but not 100%
09:32ptyx[m]I boot, get the Zorin loading screen, then <black screen>
09:33androvex[m]what do /var/log/user.log show?
09:33ptyx[m]One thing I noticed was, when I woke the desktop from sleep this morning, Gnome was the wrong display size (like 800*600 or something), which is why I rebooted. Then I ran into the above.
09:34androvex[m]It sounds more like a display server issue than a login manager one..
09:34androvex[m]what does /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?
09:35ptyx[m]How to do get to that log?
09:35androvex[m]are you at the machine now?
09:35androvex[m]Cntrl-Alt-F2 should give you a terminal login
09:35ptyx[m]Atm I can only load the grub menu
09:36androvex[m]Do you see any boot messages when you boot?
09:37ptyx[m]Normally I don&#39;t. The sequence usually is: Zorin loading screen > Grub menu > automatically loads login manager > Gnome session
09:38ptyx[m]I am at my machine now yes
09:38ptyx[m]Would getting to terminal from recovery mode work?
09:39androvex[m]one mp phone
09:48androvex[m]ok.. Yes.. I was about to suggest you boot into recovery mode and then manually fire up services to see what fails. I assume It is using Systemd which make that a lot easier
09:49ptyx[m]ok, i&#39;m at the root shell
09:49androvex[m]in single use mode ?
09:49ptyx[m]:/ not sure what that means
09:49ptyx[m]Am noob
09:50androvex[m]It means you only have one teminal you can change the when you do ALT-Fn
09:50ptyx[m]I believe so
09:51androvex[m]ok.. well first thing I would try is see if the X server can run at all. So you can just type in X and you should see the screen fill with some text and then go Black. If it does go Cntrl Alt F1 or F2 depending on what vt you are on and then you can just cntrl-C to kill the server
09:52androvex[m]If it does not start up then you alreayd have a problem and we need to look at the log output
09:52ptyx[m]It wouldn&#39;t load
09:52androvex[m]Ahh well that is good news ;)
09:52ptyx[m]> Fatal server error
09:53ptyx[m]> (EE) Could not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock
09:53androvex[m]ok not type X -verbose -logfile /tmp/X-debug,txt
09:53androvex[m]hang on ..
09:53androvex[m]what are the permissions on /tmp ?
09:54ptyx[m]I don&#39;t know
09:54androvex[m]ls -la /
09:54androvex[m]it should look like this
09:54androvex[m]drwxrwxrwt 29 root root 4096 Sep 12 10:39 tmp
09:55ptyx[m]btw, the recovery mode says something about needing &quot;full graphical boot&quot; for some graphic drivers
09:55androvex[m]yes.. I said I suspected it was a display server issue so something had borked.. we need to find out what
09:56ptyx[m]Ok i found tmp
09:57androvex[m]did it look like above?
09:58ptyx[m]> drwxrwxrwt 7 root root 4096 Sep 12 10:19 tmp
09:58androvex[m]Hmm ok.
09:58androvex[m]Then type this &quot;X -verbose -logfile /tmp/X-debug.txt&quot;
09:59androvex[m]Do you have a nvidia card perchance ?
09:59ptyx[m]Yes, it&#39;s nvidia
09:59androvex[m]And were you futzing around with the drivers recently ?
10:00ptyx[m]Nothing of the sort (I don&#39;t tinker on this machine)
10:00androvex[m]Which distro are you using?
10:00ptyx[m]Zorin OS 12.1
10:01ptyx[m]Ok, I tried typing that line and the screen went blank as soon as I typed &quot;X&quot;
10:02androvex[m]Ahh right so it is ubuntu based..
10:02androvex[m]did it create a /tmp/X-debug.txt file?
10:03ptyx[m]No more shell prompt, just black screen now
10:03androvex[m]ok .. press Cntrl-Alt-F1 see if you get your terminal back
10:04androvex[m]if not F1 try F2 etc
10:04ptyx[m]Ok, back to prompt
10:04androvex[m]ok Cntrl-C to kill the X server
10:04androvex[m]Seems the X server started now.
10:06ptyx[m]didn&#39;t appear to create a /tmp/X-debug.txt file
10:06androvex[m]no? you put in -logfile /tmp/X-debug.txt ?
10:07ptyx[m]i tried to Cat that file
10:08androvex[m]does it exist?
10:08androvex[m]ls /tmp
10:10ptyx[m]what command should i use?
10:10androvex[m]ls /tmp
10:10androvex[m]is the file there?
10:11ptyx[m]just starts a new line
10:11androvex[m]ok type &quot;lsmod |grep nv&quot;
10:11androvex[m]You did presss Cntrl C to kill the X server right?
10:12ptyx[m]I think X is still running
10:12androvex[m]Cntrl-C to kill it
10:12ptyx[m]i just get
10:12ptyx[m]> ^C
10:13androvex[m]Try again ona new line
10:13ptyx[m]I got 7 lines from that lsmod...
10:13androvex[m]and one of the is nvidia
10:14ptyx[m]> nvidia 12312576
10:14androvex[m]type &quot;update-initramfs -u&quot;
10:15ptyx[m]> update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-93-generic
10:16androvex[m]ok try and reboot.
10:16ptyx[m]ooo, ok
10:16androvex[m]let me know if you get a login screen
10:18ptyx[m]androvex: you are a bloody legend mate ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
10:18ptyx[m]thank you so much for saving my arse
10:19androvex[m]Ok so got a login back. I suspect , though I cannot say for certain, that you applied some updates recently and it regenerated the drivers for nvidia but it did not also update the initramfs which meant the old driver were conflicting from the initramfs with the ones on the system.
10:20androvex[m]I have noticed it does that sometimes.. which is why I tend to manually run apt upgrade rather than relying onthe sytem to do it.
10:20ptyx[m]Sounds plausible, but I really don&#39;t remember doing anything more than bog-standard system updates
10:21androvex[m]worst case you need to run &quot;dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-kernel-dkms&quot; which will regenerate the drivers , then update-initramfs and finally grub
10:21androvex[m]Yeah. well it pays to look at what it is updating so you might have a clue as to what can break..
10:21ptyx[m]Could it be something to do with Windows, this is a dual boot machine
10:21androvex[m]I pretty sure nvidia drivers were there among them
10:22androvex[m]Well perhaps.. Windows. can futz around with the video card sometimes and make it not initialise properly
10:22androvex[m]in which case a cold boot is required.
10:23androvex[m]It is kinda rare but well Windows is Windows after all.
10:23androvex[m]They like to break things
10:23ptyx[m]I have a laptop with the same Zorin install without dual boot, nothing broken there...
10:24ptyx[m]I&#39;ll make a note of all this. You&#39;ve been extremely helpful. Thanks again
10:25androvex[m]No worries.. Things very rarely every irreovcable break on Linux..
10:25androvex[m]Can&#39;t say the same for window though..
10:25androvex[m]Corrupted Registry or user hive shudders
10:26androvex[m]Give me a live USB stick to recover with any day.
16:31AbovegameJust checking if this works ?
17:55androvex[m]Abovegame Well works enough. ;)
13 Sep 2017
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