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12 Jul 2017
00:27paineGood night.
00:28paineHow could I make a program compatible with the legacy icon bar?
00:28paineLike, for exemple, redshift, or transmission, or dropbox is.
09:19roywhat is the 45 degree rectangle on the left of the lock icon?
09:21royRobberPhex hi
09:26royanyone listening?
09:27RobberPhexroy Hi
09:28roywhat is the 45 degree rectangle on the left of the lock icon in gnome?
09:54RobberPhexroy do you have any image? I haven't see any rectangle ...
11:26detlyI'm using nautilus 3.20 on Ubuntu 17.04, and I've got this weird problem when accessing a server via sftp - even though I'm a member of a group (on the remote system) with write perms, I can't create new folders or upload files
11:27detlyis this a known issue or do I need to configure something? I tried searching for it, but the only bug I could find was about 10 years old, and closed
11:57csorianodetly: how do you connect?
11:57detlycsoriano: bookmark to sftp://server.etc/etc
11:58detlycsoriano: sorry, via nautilus, didn't make that clear
11:59csorianoah I see
11:59csorianodoes using gvfs work?
12:00detlycan I use gvfs directly? I didn't know I could do that
12:04detlyah nuts, I have to go. I'll see if I can diagnose it more
12:53NazaraI've got a laptop convertable with an accellerometer and a switch to disable rotation
12:53NazaraI've got acpid to run gsettings to toggle the orientation lock setting correctly
12:53Nazarabut gnome-shell doesn't update the setting
12:54Nazarahow would I either force gsd/g-shell to update the setting or is there a better way to toggle the setting?
12:55Nazara(I can watch the setting as the user in question and it changes as necessary, but the icon in the shell does not change and the screen still rotates)
13:23borschtyyou need to run the gsettings command within the dbus session as gnome
16:59scootergrisenWhat is the easieste way to open a terminal in gnome?
17:00scootergrisenI was wondering why its not easier like there could be a icon in farvorites
17:23csorianoscootergrisen: you can add an icon in favorites
17:23csorianodrag and drop the terminal icon
17:23scootergrisenYes but i mean by default
17:23csorianoscootergrisen: not sure a terminal is useful for a variety of users
17:23scootergrisenYeah ok
17:23csorianorather to quite specialized users I think
17:25scootergrisenI can use Alt+F2 and type xterm and hit enter. Are there any quicker/easier way?
17:29andrescootergrisen, add the terminal to your favorites?
17:30andrescootergrisen: See
17:31scootergrisenYeah but i test alot of iso's in virtual box
17:31scootergrisenSo would like to know the easiest way
17:31andrescootergrisen, how is that related?
17:31andresee the docs?
17:31andrethe easiest way was already described twice in the last minutes, I'd say.
17:32andreand for other options (up to you whether they are "easier" or not), see the docs.
17:32scootergrisenNo because i would have to do that each time i try a iso in virtual box
17:32scootergrisenSo its not easy
17:32andrewhat would be "easy"?
17:32andreif you deal with ISO files anyway that you cannot patch or such?
17:32csorianoscootergrisen: ah, you can create your own script that adds terminal on favorites by default - see fedora
17:34scootergrisenok thanks i think i just use super and type term
19:19bensomewhere between gnome 3.14 and gnome 3.22 linking files with nautilus was removed.
19:20csorianoben: how so?
19:21benhow to link files? with a gnome file manager?
19:22beni am using now thunar from xfce
19:22csorianoben: the 15 years old alt + middle mouse button works here
19:26benwell hidden feature. but thangs. it works. :-)
19:26csorianoben: indeed, is kinda a easter egg
23:24scootergrisenI started clipit and it shows in the systray or whatever its called but how do i stop it? Nothing happens if i right click it and it seems to come back on each reboot or login
23:27scootergrisenI can terminate it but it just comes back again
13 Jul 2017
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