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12 Aug 2017
14:41micmonHi everyone! Recently my Android tablet died and now I am thinking if I could replace it by some x86 Tablet/Detachable running Linux/GNOME. Something like the ASUS Transformer or Lenovo MIIX would be perfect. However, Linux support on those seems to be lacking quite a bit. Does anyone run GNOME on a similar device?
15:53margaritisHi! I am very new player in the world of Linux but i have to say that i will not use again Windows or MacOS :)
15:53margaritisI am using Gnome 3.24 and is the best DE i 've ever seen!!!
15:55margaritisDoes anyone know if it is possible to create a new distro based on my customized look and feel (icons,theme etc.)?? i m on Fedora 26/Gnome 3.24.
15:56dbolesDo you mean that you want to create your own install media that will already include your customisations in it?
16:02margaritisyes something like that. Is it possible ?
18:08roshani need help about my username in gnome-extension website i get my user-name thru my email address??
18:08roshanthe web page does not provide login thru email address.
18:14roshanhello ..
18:14roshani dropped my question .. i got my username
18:15roshanhope i contribute to the project
19:09ali1234this menu in gnome sudoku:
19:09ali1234on my laptop it opens and falls outside the main window
19:09ali1234when that happens you can't interact with the parts outside the window
19:09ali1234instead, the clicks fall through to whatever is behind
19:10ali1234what's that about?
19:10andrewhat does "falls outside" mean?
19:10dbolesI'd also ask exactly where they "fall through" to
19:10dbolesthat's a GtkPopover though, not a menu
19:11ali1234andre: "falls outside" means that the opup window is partially outside the main application window
19:11ali1234dboles: "falls through" means the click event goes to eg the desktop, if there are no other windows open
19:12dbolesso you click on a button in the popover, but the desktop receives the click instead?
19:12andrefile a bug in the bug reporting system of your distribution, I'd say
19:12ali1234if there is another window behind it, it will go to that window, raising it or whatever
19:12ali1234dboles precisely
19:12dbolesdo you know if you are using x11 or wayland?
19:13ali1234i can't reproduce it now, because i can't get it to put the popover partially outside the window any more
19:13dbolesafaik, (A) the popover should not appear outside the window, but (B) if it does, it should be able to receive clicks
19:13ali1234supposing i do report a bug, what should i report it against?
19:13dboleswhat distro are you using, and which version of GTK+ do they provide?
19:14ali1234xubuntu 16.04, Installed: 3.18.9-1ubuntu3.3
19:15dboleshm, i think indeed in that case it's best to report to the distro rather than GTK+ initially, since the distro is providing an ooold version, and GTK+ might've fixed whatever caused this in the meantime, meaning the distro should add a patch from upstream
19:15dboleshaving said that, if you can't replicate it, then they may not do much with the ticket :S
19:16dbolesmaybe instead of relaxing with a game of sudoku, you can relax with a coordinated effort to find the precise, weird circumstances where the popover is positioned wrongly :)
19:16ali1234okay but i should report it against gtk, not gnome-sudoku or my window manager?
19:16ali1234actually it was the first time i ever ran gnome-sudoku anywhere
19:16ali1234and it did it every time
19:16ali1234that was yesterday, now i come to report it and i can't reproduce it :(
19:17dbolesMy guess is not against Sudoku itself, since it can only really tell the GtkPopover 'you should appear next to SomeWidget'
19:17ali1234i haven't even restarted the laptop or anything like that
19:17ali1234no idea why it won't do it now
19:17dbolesWhat's your DE/WM? It's an interesting point that the WM could be involved, so I'm not totally sure between GTK+ and the WM
19:18ali1234well i got it to reproduce... not sure how
19:18ali1234DE is xfce/xfwm4
19:20ali1234now, if i click on 1 - 4 it will work
19:20ali1234but if i click on 7,8,9 (except for the tiny sliver at the top) the click will go to the desktop instead
19:20dbolesand 3 and 6, right? :P
19:20ali1234oh yeah i meant 1-6 :)
19:21ali1234maybe this is related to the shadows?
19:21ali1234it thinks the popup will fit in the window because of the shadow?
19:21dbolesmy hunch is that it seems more like a WM issue
19:21dboleshmm interesting possibility
19:21ali1234on my desktop computer i don't see that shadow around the window and i cannot reproduce
19:21dbolesi can't get the popover to orient itself in such a way that it escapes its parent window
19:21ali1234also i can only reproduce this clicking on the second to last row
19:21dboles(but that's gnome/mutter)
19:22ali1234it looks suspiciously close to the same size as the shadow
19:22ali1234ah hang on
19:22ali1234i know why my desktop is different
19:23dbolesthat's all good info, i think you have enough for a bug report with all that, and it sounds like it's more likely to be a WM thing than GTK+ itself (as it will position within the limits of the window, but it assumes it's given reliable info about those limits)
19:23ali1234on my desktop, compositing is disabled, which prevents gtk from drawing those shadows
19:23ali1234and there i can't reproduce the bug
19:24ali1234the WM cant position those popups can it?
19:24ali1234i mean if they are positioned by the WM, how does it not where to draw the triangle on the boarder?
19:25dbolesit's GTK+ that does the positioning, within the window dimensions that it gets reported to it
19:26ali1234so gtk extended its own window because it wants to draw client side decorations (including the shadow), but then it forgot to subtract the extra bit it tacked on when calculating whether the popup fits inside the window
19:26dbolesGTK+ does not draw the shadow
19:26ali1234yes, it does
19:27dbolesI'm not convinced, but OK - why do you think that?
19:28ali1234because the shadows around gtk+3 apps look different to the ones around applications that don't use CSD
19:29ali1234and because gtk+3 appications resize handles cover the shadow as well as the window decoration itself, while that isnt true for non-csd windows
19:31dbolesok, you're presumably right about GTK+ drawing the shadows, but the WM should be made aware that they are just shadows, not part of the usable size
19:32dbolesso that bit sounds more like a WM issue to me, though I'm just guessing at this point
19:32ali1234okay, i need to find out how that's done then
19:32* dboles adds * { box-shadow: none } to the Polari GtkInspector and, indeed, no more shadows on its window
19:33ali1234i'm using adwaita btw, so no theme funny stuff (i hope)
19:33dbolesso i was 1st testing on window { box-shadow: none } but it needs window decoration { box-shadow: none }
19:34dbolesfwiw, here on debian unstable with gnome/mutter, i can use CSS to force a ridiculously huge shadow
19:35dboles...and wow, i get the same problem!
19:35dbolesi was just assuming it would've been fixed since 3.18 :P
19:35ali1234thanks for testing anyway :)
19:35dbolesso well investigated all round, and this may be best filed against GTK+ upstream then, if there's not already a report on bugzilla
19:36dbolesyou can bundle an exaggerated CSS snippet to create an absurd test shadow, e.g. window decoration { box-shadow: 100px 100px }
19:37dbolesfor me though, the resize grips end where they should; they don't extend over the shadow
19:37dbolesbut yeah, GtkPopover is doing something wrong when trying to determine how much space it has available
19:37ali1234well, extending the grips over the shadow is an often requested feature (its something xwm can't do) because otherwise the handles are tiny if you have eg 1px decorations
19:38ali1234maybe ts unrelated and they are just extended via some other means
19:38dbolesmutter seems to use sloppy resizing then i guess
19:39ali1234i wonder what it does if the popover is just plain bigger than the window?
19:39ali1234seems like there's two bugs here, based on what you told me before
19:40dbolesanyway hopefully it's a relatively simple fix, like positioning within the window's border allocation rather than its overall one
19:42ali1234seems like there's a lot of bug reports about popover positioning, but none really fits
19:43bugbotBug 747509: gtk+, major, Normal, ---, gtk-bugs, NEW , GtkPopover is constrained to parent window size on X11
19:44dboleshm, close
19:44ali1234that's half of it
19:44ali1234the other half is that it's constrained inconcistently between what is drawn and what you can click on
19:44dbolessurely though, we could at least - if the popover is not larger than the window's box allocation - ensure we position within that, rather than its whole allocation including shadow
19:44ali1234yeah exactly
19:44ali1234going to write a report for that now
19:45dboleswell the inconsistency is because the area outside the border does not have a GdkWindow to receive events
19:45dbolescool, feel free to cc me in:
19:45dboleswell spotted and good detective work :D
19:46ali1234i don't think i can do that, but i'll post the link when i've submitted it
19:57bugbotBug 786209: gtk+, normal, Normal, ---, gtk-bugs, NEW , X11: GtkPopover positioning doesn't "avoid" CSD window shadows
13 Aug 2017
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