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11 Oct 2017
05:27kerrickIs there any way to run Evince with verbose logging?
05:28kerrickOpening a specific PDF with Evince locks up my system, I want to see if I can get a log of what is happening
05:28kerrickI don't see anything relevant in the systemd log
07:13csorianokerrick: G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all
11:17twistedhi everyone. I've just update from 3.24 to 2.26 and I see no Night Light mode in Display Section of Settings. is it not a thing anymore?
11:17twisted3.26* sorry
14:51killownmy clock isn't updating except if I restart gnome with "r"
14:51killownonly update in the moment of restarting, after that it's freezed again
14:51killownI disabled all extensions
14:52killowntried a new gnome conf and nothing solves it
15:01borschtykillown, did you look into your gnome-shell being compiled against a different evolution-data-server than is being installed?
15:04FifteenI've been getting a lot of BadWindow (error_code 3 request_code 18) errors from several programs lately that have gotten gnome-shell (on Xorg) to restart or even get core-dumped, is that a known issue of some sort?
15:10borschtyyes, and it is already fixed in git
15:10borschtyyou can downgrade mutter to 3.26.0 or wait for the fix to be released or backported by your distro
15:12FifteenThank you
15:48killownborschty, sorry for the wait
15:49killownborschty, how can I check that?
15:49borschtykillown, what is your distro?
16:07killownborschty, Manjaro
16:08borschtyare all packages updated?
16:09killownborschty, all updated
16:09borschtyi don't know anything about the arch/manjaro package manager and can never find any package information for manjaro online, so i'm not sure what to do next
16:12borschtywhat i think is happening is that gnome-shell tries to update the calendar entries before updating the clock and for that it needs to contact the gnome-shell-calendar-server, which fails, and then because of that it doesn't continue to update the clock
16:12borschtyand gnome-shell-calendar-server is not responding, because it can't start, because there is a mismatch in the evolution-data-server libraries that are currently installed on your system and the ones it was compiled against
16:13borschtyso basically if my assumption is correct, this is a packaging issue
16:13killownanyway to execute this ?
16:13killownremoving any package would fix this?
16:14borschtyno, you need to install the same version of the e-d-s packages, that gnome-shell was compiled against
16:14borschtyno idea which packages those were or where to get them
19:34killownborschty, kernel issue, updated from 4.11 to 4.13 and solved
20:01Peetz0rhey! I disabled the sound effects in gnome ( but when I plug or unplug my laptop adapter I get a sound effect anyway:
20:01Peetz0rCan I prevent that from happening?
20:18borschtygsettings get org.gnome.desktop.sound event-sounds
21:19Peetz0rokay, after properly looking at that screenshot, the setting wasn't disabled, just greyed out
21:19Peetz0rI don't know why, but it's now disabled
23:29Peetz0rhey! I would like to make the top bar bigger, to make it more touch-friendly (especially with extentions that place thigs to click in the bar). is this possible?
12 Oct 2017
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