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11 Feb 2017
09:54Linnak[10:52] (Linnak) Hi, does someone know in which version of gnome will be available the window blur? Transparency itself makes unreadable the text
10:12LinnakWhere should I ask this?
10:27andreLinnak: What is "the window blur"?
14:17user87123borschty: I rebooted and disabled all autostart entries, loginctl confirms no running processes excluding the default ones (like the gnome-shell) - AND it still happens
14:18borschtyso it does still happen if you quit all applications?
14:23user87123Yes, the application were actually never running (clean boot)
14:26borschtyare you using any extensions?
14:27user87123It doesnt happen with X11! Only Wayland, that's what's puzzling
14:27borschtycould be a driver issue
14:30user87123Hm, don't think so directly, both are using i915, both DP (the notebook eDP).
14:30user87123But I think there's one difference, the sound is forwarded using DP on the desktop, I'll disable that and test again
14:41user87123Nope, thats not it
14:57borschtytry running "udevadm monitor" and check if there are any "drm" related changes during the time the issue happens
15:04lanoxxis there an irc channel for gstreamer?
15:07andreon Freenode?
17:52nielsdgSince there is no channel for GNOME Contacts, I'll just ask here:
17:53nielsdgI've submitted a patch for bug 775573 some time ago, and it solves some annying warnings
17:53nielsdgIs it okay to push it on master since it's only a small patch, or should I try to contact someone?
17:53nielsdgSince the freeze is in 2 days
21:27kamazeeMy gnome-shell (3.22.2, Arch Linux) started dumping core every second with no apparent reason ("spurious exit of x wayland server", then "trap int3 ip:skipped sp:skipped error:0", skipped values don't persist across failures. Is there anything simple that can be done to help it?
21:28kamazeeNo apparent reason means I haven't performed any significant software/hardware upgrade in the meantime
21:38borschtygnome-shell is aborting because the xwayland server went away, that means it most likely crashed, that could be a driver issue
21:38borschtycheck your logs for any X related error messages
22:03kamazeeNothing that would seem obviously related. Just gdm complaining it can't start X server
22:04kamazeeTried to disable Wayland in gdm config, no luck
22:08kamazeeWell, looks like filesystem got corrupted. Never mind, then.
22:47milosany way to get gnome terminal to use the real bold variant of a font? It seems to always do the fake bold thing
12 Feb 2017
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