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11 Aug 2017
18:23IntrooterHello, is anyone on? I need help :|
18:23Introoteri try to connect to an AP, and gnome asks me for the root password
18:24Introoterfor some reason, networkmanager is being weird and defaulting to store password for all isers whoch ofcourse causes this
18:24Introoterso the real issue is with NM
18:24Introoterhow do i resolve this? it is NM 1.4
18:24IntrooterGentoo Linix
18:33noxari0Whats the default text editor in GNOME?
18:35Introoternoxari0: gedit
18:36noxari0Introoter: isn't it unmaintained?
18:36Introoteryes, but that's what you have.
18:36Introoterit works fine
18:37Introoteryou can use something else too, if you wish.
18:37noxari0What if Gedit dies?
18:39noxari0Introoter: isn't my Nick Noxarivis[m]?
18:39Introoteryour nick is noxari0
18:40Introoteralso, if gedit dies, replace it with something of your choice
18:40Introoterjust uninstall it, but again, it works fine and integrates
18:41noxari0My nick cant me noxari0
18:42noxari0What the hell
18:42Introoternoxari0: just do /nick <insert nick here>
18:43noxari0Introoter: badum tss
18:43noxari0Good joke
18:44noxari0I cant
18:44Introoterprobably matrix wont let you do that
18:45noxari0> Format: &#39;!nick DesiredNick&#39; or &#39;!nick DesiredNick&#39;
18:45noxari0Currently connected to IRC networks: as Noxarivis[m]
18:52mooshoe[m]What does eclipse have to do with the GNOME Foundation
18:52mooshoe[m]i found eclipse in the GNOME apps page
19:10Introotercan someone help me
19:11noxari0Introoter: with what?
19:11Introoterread backlog
19:12Introotergnome only asks for root password when connecting from panel, from network menu in control center, it does not
19:12Introotergnome 3.22
19:12Introotergentoo linux
19:12noxari0Uh... gentoo
19:13noxari0Well, no idea, but the behavior sounds strange
19:13Introoterconnecting to a wifi AP that is
19:14Introoterit needs authentication, says system policy requires authenticationnto change neteork settings for all users
19:14Introoterwhy does it not default to storing the pass just for me!?
19:15Introoternoxari0: can you see and tell what is the password on a wifi connecton stored for ny defaultal
19:15Introoteryour user or all users?
19:24noxari0Introoter: sorry to ask, what channel on irc is this and what is my nickname again
19:24Introoter#gnome, noxari0
19:26noxari0Introoter: on freenode right?
19:28noxari0that&#39;s why, thanks Introoter found my problem
19:37Introotersomeone halp :(
19:38Introoteri feel like everything is broken
19:38Introoteronline accounts has nothing that can be clicked
19:39Noxarivis[m]Did you ask in gentoos irc?
19:40Noxarivis[m]Sounds like a Gentoo problem
19:40Introoteri installed gnome-light
19:40Introoterthey cant debug this
19:40Introoterthe networkmanager thing is less of a dependency problem so i asked here
19:42Noxarivis[m]Introoter: how about using a real distro (just saying)
19:43Noxarivis[m]Never had problems with gnome 3.22 in Debian, openSuse, fedora
19:44IntrooterGentoo is a real distro, i like compiling my own stuff, and building packages to just how i want them to be built (not to mention the advantages of building from source and seamless patching in case of security issues)
19:44Introoterik, this is probably just my fault here
19:44Noxarivis[m]Yeah yeah
19:44Noxarivis[m]And the only distro that has problems with that gnome version
19:45Introoterwell if thats how issues are handled in here, i&#39;ll take care of it myself. thanks.
19:45Noxarivis[m]Anyway, I recommend reporting that to the gentoo guys
19:46Noxarivis[m]Im the only active user right now, and I really don&#39;t like the gentoo userbase
19:46Noxarivis[m]I called help in other rooms but its ignored
19:47Noxarivis[m]So it seems that you have to listen and get to a gentoo support room or you do your awesome &quot;I compile everything myself&quot; stuff
19:48Noxarivis[m]Introoter: ^
19:50Noxarivis[m]Also keep in mind that im not the voice of everyone jere
12 Aug 2017
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