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10 Sep 2017
00:23mib_kzzidghow can I view thumbnail preview in gnome - using files program?
14:35budkinHi everybody! Does Geary not work only for me or everybody? I'm trying to sign into my gmail account, I generated an app password (I use 2FA) and it keeps saying "Connection Error". I'm using geary-0.11.3+758+g00718198-1 on Arch Linux
16:18nielsdgbugbot: Geary developer here. Have you tried the option "allow less secure apps in Gmail? ( option 2)
16:23nielsdgbudkin: ^
16:23nielsdg(mentioned wrong person there)
16:23budkinnielsdg: nope, should I?
16:24budkinI'm not feeling like using that option
16:24budkinI think it should be working fine with the app password, that's what it is for
16:24nielsdgbudkin: I'm afraid that you have no other option
16:25budkinokay, sorry for the bother
16:25nielsdg(The thing is that we still login over IMAP, but that should still be reasonably secure as long as you use SSL/TLS)
16:25nielsdgbudkin: No problem! :-) If you have more questions, you can always join #geary ;-)
16:26budkinoh, I didn't know that channel existed. It's not listed on Gnome website
16:26budkinthank you
16:26nielsdgFWIW; there's an open bug to allow OAuth authentication, but it still needs quite some work to be done
16:27nielsdgbudkin: Hehe, no problem
16:27* nielsdg might consider helping with the 0.12 release after GNOME 3.26 is out
17:24nicoulajIs it a known issue for Eye Of Gnome to be pathologically slow at rendering large SVG images ?
17:25nicoulajDo I need to enable hardware acceleration somewhere or install a lib ?
19:37androvex[m]one mo
11 Sep 2017
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