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27 Mar 2017
00:42memekahi; i am running gnome on wayland, and i can login in the gnome-wayland session ok; however if i set up autologin, gdm fails with the error: /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[5259]: Unable to run X server -- how can i set up autologin to use gnome-wayland session?
07:02amiiIs there any way to bulk import bookmarks into the Web (Epiphany) browser?
12:03manuelschneid3rare there any gnome desktop app devs here?
12:03manuelschneid3rDesktop entries should contain the "keywords" key which contain the name of the executable.
12:04manuelschneid3rSince people may want to lookup the application by the executable name instead of the pretty name. (e.g. nautilus instead of files)
12:06manuelschneid3rIndexing the exec key is not an option due to the tons apps using interpreters or runtimes which would be the program (e.g. jar, python, ruby, bash, electron )
12:14andregot an example?
12:15andrebasically: what do you try to achieve with which specific application?
27 Mar 2017
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