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24 Aug 2017
00:43fuschhello, i have a question regarding gnome desktop icons and their default size. Is this the right place to ask?
00:46fuschI want to change the default size of desktopicons - anybody here who knows how to achieve that? (All at once - also for new icons - default)
00:53fuschRunning debian 9, gnome3 with TweakTool and enabled desktop icons... but they are way too large
00:59fusch282 idles in here...?
01:02fuschthe nightly idlechannel
01:07andreno patience = no answer.
05:41wdnahey, I have menu action event ...::on_menu_file_settings() [my MainWindow] , when I click it, auto win = new SettingWindow(); inside this event, seems to be fired twice, I'm probably doing this wrong, but can anyone explaine this?
05:53wdnaoh.. well yeah, stupid mistake I did actually.
05:53wdnanvm :)
07:19wdnaSo btw, i asked about Gtk and app config data, I was actually looking for Glib::get_user_config_dir() it seems.
07:43dfceaef-hi, i'm trying to file a bug but always get error 500. is there anything wrong?
24 Aug 2017
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