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17 Jan 2017
13:51qwertis there a reliable way to install shell extensions?
13:53qwertthe fedora repos only have like 20 of them, and has no (working) way of filtering them to only list the ones that actually work on my system. It's really frustrating to install something only to find out it did not install, or is crashiing so bad that I can't even remove it, other than rm -r ing it from /usr/share/gnome-shell-ext...
13:54qwertOr am I missing something obvious? the site does say it filters for my version, but that does not seem to do anything, besides breaking the option to go to the next page
13:57adayqwert: if you use firefox and grant access to the extension thingy, the website will only show extensions that are compatible with your system
13:58qwertI understand that this is how it is supposed to work, but apparantly it does not.
13:59qwertat least that is how i would interpret "Compatible with Current version"
14:03adayqwert: are you using firefox? did you enable the extension?
14:07qwertaday: yes to both. I get the on/off install slider and a "do you want to install" window when clicking it, but most of the time, the extension does not show up in tweak tool or on
14:22adayqwert: odd. i haven't heard about that issue previously
14:24qwertAlso, I have the same issues when using epiphany
14:25qwertso it's a bug. But whos is it? The website, fedoras, firefoxes or a general gnome bug?
17 Jan 2017
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