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9 Aug 2017
02:51wanderviewyhirano__: this might interest you:
03:04yhirano__wanderview: thanks
07:18MikeSmithKevinMarks_: apparently used by Google Blogger? (for a long time now)
07:18MikeSmithbut not mentioned anywhere on
07:18MikeSmithimmedidate context is
07:32MikeSmitha-ja: thanks
07:32a-jafinally got an ID
07:35MikeSmithwell then, welcome to github :)
07:46TimothyGutobie: thanks for cleaning up my makeshift tests :)
08:03tobieTimothyGu: I'm essentially using this as an opportunity to figure out what's happening in his area of the spec. So thanks for that!
08:04tobieTimothyGu: FYI I'm ooo until Monday so don't expect a lot of movement until then.
08:15TimothyGutobie: that's alright! I'll revisit the discussion you had with Domenic first
08:27tobieTimothyGu: Yeah. I was wrong btw. See the tests I added for [[Set]].
09:26a-jait&#39;s about <time>
09:49MikeSmithannevk: thanks for responding on that SO question. I had forgotten about the event-listener thing
10:29MikeSmithannevk: As I just mentioned in the comment there I think we really need a note in the XHR spec explaining this. But despite having chatted with you know about this several times, I find I still dont even know how to explain how the requirements in the current spec lead to this behavior
10:30MikeSmithannevk: I assume the relevant requirement is step 37 of
10:30MikeSmith> If body is non-null and bodys source is null, then run these substeps:
10:30MikeSmith> Set rs requests use-CORS-preflight flag.
10:31MikeSmith(since that is the only place in the XHR spec where the use-CORS-preflight flag is set)
10:31MikeSmithbut I have no idea how that relates to event listeners being set
10:32MikeSmithnever mind
10:32MikeSmithI was looking at the fetch spec..
10:36* MikeSmith decides thats a sign its time for him to take a break
12:05noxMikeSmith: Like this?
12:20MikeSmithnox: :)
12:45JakeAannevk: I&#39;m changing &quot;A Response object also has an associated Headers object&quot; to &quot;A Response object also has associated headers, a Headers object&quot;, any objections? Doing the same for requests
12:45annevkJakeA: sure &quot;a Headers object&quot; could maybe be between parenthesis
12:46annevkthat&#39;s mostly how we indicate types these days
12:46annevkthough I suppose it varies
14:13annevkJakeA: Edge is first to support abortable fetch?!
14:13annevkWeird, but also great
14:13JakeAannevk: I know right!! I was quite surprised
14:14JakeAI filed the bug but figured they&#39;d get to it eventually
14:14JakeAone week later
14:14JakeAAlthough I guess we&#39;d need to see it to call them the winners :D
14:17annevkI suspect it&#39;ll be in Firefox Nightly somewhere in September, unless there&#39;s a lot of other things to take care of suddenly
14:17annevkI&#39;ll have another look at the spec tomorrow with Domenic&#39;s feedback in mind and also have a closer look at how it should work together with XHR
14:18JakeAannevk: I&#39;ll try to land some changes before then
14:18JakeAaddressing Domenic&#39;s feedback now. But I kinda pulled on a string by adding headers to both request and response :D
14:19JakeApulled on a thread
14:19JakeAwhatever the saying is
14:19annevkJakeA: ah yeah, it might be worth landing that separately if easy to split
14:21JakeAannevk: I&#39;m not sure it is, since it&#39;s part of clone() and the constructor
14:21annevkJakeA: I meant the initial change of turning it into a concept
14:21annevkwhich would be a purely editorial change
14:22JakeAannevk: I&#39;ll see if I can split it out
14:22gsneddersJakeA, annevk: I wonder if it&#39;s just simple-easy to do based on whatever Windows API they&#39;re using?
14:23JakeAshould have thought about that earlier
14:23JakeAgsnedders: maybe I guess it depends if the wired the service worker side in
14:30annevkFrom the speed I suppose it was somewhat easy in Firefox too, mostly delayed now due to vacation
14:30annevkBut not sure if we got all the edge cases such as clone() correct
14:31JakeAEspecially since it wasn&#39;t spec&#39;d or tested
14:48MikeSmithannevk: in hopes that it helps clarify things for people
14:49MikeSmithalso I guess I should update the MDN CORS article to make it clear there too
17:00annevkMikeSmith: I&#39;ll have a look tomorrow, probably reasonable to have something
17:00* annevk attempts to register the Refresh header with IANA
17:05annevkwanderview: slow clap for
17:05annevkwanderview: that whole thread is amazing
17:32wanderviewannevk: the funny thing (to me), is I actually saw the 7ms DOMContentLoaded first and was like &quot;woah!&quot;... then I saw the render... sad trombone...
17:37wanderviewannevk: and for what its worth the site totally does render with streams if I include the right patchset in my build
17:50TabAtkinsMan tho, how&#39;d they even get 7ms. I guess a SW doing the rendering?
17:51TabAtkinsHere I am all proud of my blog getting content and first paint in 100ms and full rendering in 400. ^^_
17:52wanderviewTabAtkins: yea, it was a service worker that was already running... and probably some lucky timing with main thread runnables
17:52wanderviewTabAtkins: and it was the DOMContentLoaded number... I guess not first paint
20:49MikeSmithoh I like the background image of
20:50MikeSmithwanderview: thats from the imperial palace grounds?
20:50wanderviewMikeSmith: thanks! yep! I took it the day before the service worker meeting in April
20:50MikeSmithah super
20:50wanderviewMikeSmith: btw, sorry I didn&#39;t really get to talk with you much at the meeting
20:50MikeSmithno worries, lets talk more next time!
20:51wanderviewcool... I&#39;ll be at tpac
20:51MikeSmithyeah me too
20:51MikeSmithlets have another service worker meeting Tokyo
20:51MikeSmithactually Id like we have a service worker meeting in China
20:51MikeSmithwould be easy to arrange if the group wanted to
20:52wanderviewI must admit the trans-pacific flights are not my first choice :-) but I know a lot of people have to make long trips, so I can&#39;t really complain
20:52MikeSmithyeah the flight part sucks
20:53wanderview&quot;not in the usa&quot; seems more likely in the future, though
20:53wanderviewI&#39;m guessing
20:54MikeSmithas far as China, having it in Hangzhou would make it more appealing than Beijing or elsewhere
20:54MikeSmithHangzhou is Alibaba land
20:55MikeSmithanyway btw Japan is a one of the likely candidate locations for TPAC 2019
20:55wanderviewwhere is 2018?
20:56MikeSmithnot sure its been announced yet
20:56MikeSmithin Europe, but unfortunately not in Lisbon
20:56MikeSmithtried to get it in Lisbon again but scheduling didnt work out, we had a conflict with IETF the same week
20:57MikeSmithah TPAC 2018 location was announced already
20:57MikeSmithwhich is very very nice too
20:58MikeSmithgreat food, beautiful old town
20:59wanderviewI&#39;ve never been... not quite sure what to expect yet
21:26TabAtkinswanderview: Some WG meetings, but the most useful part is all the &quot;hallway meetings&quot; you have with people. So many useful things come out of finally getting 5 minutes of face-to-face time with the right person.
21:35jgrahamMikeSmith: Not sure Lyon isn&#39;t better than Lisbon
21:35jgrahamAlthough Lisbon was also better than anywhere in the bay area, or China, or Hokkaido
21:36jgraham(I mean Japan is fun ofc, but Hokkaido in Autumn is not the best of Japan)
21:36jgrahamTokyo would be pretty great
21:37jgrahamProbably won&#39;t go if it&#39;s in China again. Too much hassle for a place where the internet doesn&#39;t work
21:38jgraham(I appreciate Shenzhen is probably not the best of China)
21:38jgrahamAnyway, nice to talk as if the world will still exist in two years and not be some nuclear wasteland
21:42jgrahamAnyway these have been unsolicited opinions on TPAC locations
21:43jgrahamOne more: At least it isn&#39;t Orlando
21:45* gsnedders probably wouldn&#39;t go if it were in China either
21:45gsnedderswell maybe Hong Kong
22:23MikeSmithhaha at least it isn&#39;t Orlando indeed
22:25MikeSmithanyway about TPAC, 100% agreed with TabAtkins about the bestest thing being hallway meetings, chance to talk with people in the real world
22:46gsnedderswait people exist in the real world
22:46gsneddersor is just ms2ger and bz that don&#39;t?
10 Aug 2017
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