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6 Oct 2017
09:22Ms2gerannevk, ping re wpt #7574
09:23annevkMs2ger: yeah?
09:24Ms2gerYou think it makes sense to land with my edit? I'm not sure how well-specified stuff is with the window after removing the iframe?
09:25Ms2gerOr should I just land the document parts and leave the new test until we figured out the right behaviour
09:25annevkMs2ger: I think for window.location it is defined, but I also think it's already tested per that issue I pointed to
09:25annevkMs2ger: it's just that only Firefox implements it so far and other browsers haven't really investigated whether they can align
09:26annevkMs2ger: so I'm not sure we need that new test, the other parts look okay
09:28Ms2gerEven better
10:43annevkSo many MIME type parser bugs
10:43Ms2gerSo very unsurprised
11:21gsneddersIn other news, Scotland is overcast.
12:28annevkhsivonen: is there a canonical document for the UTF-16 being superior to UTF-8 due to size argument?
13:15annevkSo, I've written a MIME type parser:
13:15annevkI also have some ideas about how to refine how we define MIME types (basically copy what we do for URLs)
13:16annevkInput appreciated, including "fine, please proceed", "no, you should do X", etc.
13:16* nox files bug because annevk's parser isn't written in Rust.
13:17annevknox: I'd love to see the one written for Servo
13:18noxannevk: There is one, which had massive breaking changes in its last major version so Servo still lags behind. :(
13:24annevknox: that library looks too strict for the web
13:25noxannevk: On which part?
13:27annevknox: throwing parse errors when there's something wrong with a parameter
13:28noxannevk: I've heard at least once that we weren't too sure whether that is supposed to be an error or not.
13:43annevknox: not sure if you all keep track of such a list, but I would expect any dependency that doesn't have reverse engineering of other browsers involved in it somehow to probably not be suitable
13:44annevknox: in particular any IETF RFC tends to not reflect implementation reality
13:45noxYeah I know that.
17:38DomenicTabAtkins: for my own edification, why are UA stylesheets better "when a particular value isn't good globally"? I don't really understand the functional difference between initial value and UA stylesheet.
17:40annevkDomenic: e.g., when you want <b> to be blue, but normally you want things to be black
17:40annevkDomenic: if we actually want it for *|*:root in this case though and the thing inherits, I&#39;m not sure what the difference is
17:41annevkDomenic: well, I guess *|*:root would not apply to shadow trees, but not sure if that&#39;s a feature or not
17:42DomenicI think UA stylesheets apply to shadow trees, but maybe :root doesn&#39;t apply to shadow roots?
17:43annevkDomenic: the main question is whether things inherit into a shadow trees, maybe they actually do
17:43annevkI really don&#39;t know enough about this anymore by heart
18:00TabAtkinsannevk got it. Also yes, UA stylesheets apply in shadow trees, and inheritance crosses shadows by default.
18:01TabAtkinsSo yeah, UA stylesheet is for when a value is a good default for some elements only, or only for SVG vs HTML, etc.
18:01TabAtkinsAlso :root applies to all the top-level elements in a shadow tree.
18:02TabAtkinsOh wait, that&#39;s not true.
18:05TabAtkinsBut anyway, yeah, the only reason to ever run a *|*:root selector in the UA stylesheet is if, for some reason, you want it not to apply when people use &quot;all&quot; to block inheritance.
18:07DomenicOh, I see, UA stylesheet is for when you need a more specific selector; you can&#39;t say &quot;initial value for X elements&quot;. That makes sense.
18:30TabAtkinsYup, exactly.
7 Oct 2017
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