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21 Apr 2017
00:17thepicklehey... mailing list server seems to be unreachable. problem with MX record
00:25MikeSmiththepickle: unreachable how?
00:25MikeSmithtrying to post a message to the list and it fails, or..?
00:26MikeSmith$ telnet 25
00:26MikeSmithConnected to
00:26MikeSmithEscape character is '^]'.
00:26MikeSmith220 ESMTP
00:27thepicklei tried to subscribe and it fails. i get a notice from mailer daemon saying no MX record for
00:27MikeSmithplease forward that message to me
00:30thepickleok, i sent it to you
00:33MikeSmithits true there is no MX record
00:33MikeSmith$ dig MX
00:33MikeSmith;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 10574 IN SOA 2017041116 21495 1800 1814400 14400
00:34MikeSmiththere are records for itself and I think thats what it should be using
00:35MikeSmithdig MX
00:35MikeSmith;; ANSWER SECTION: 14400 IN MX 0 14400 IN MX 0
00:36MikeSmiththepickle: havent got any message from you yet
00:38thepicklesorry it is from yahoo, can be slow to go out sometimes
00:39MikeSmithok finally switched to HTTPS?
08:26annevkNo HSTS though looks like
14:58miketaylrannevk: dang, i always used to kick captive portal stuff
14:58miketaylrgonna have to unlearn that one
15:12zcorpanmiketaylr: you can use
15:13miketaylrzcorpan: haha
15:13* miketaylr burns laptop
15:14zcorpansorry ^_^ for me
16:43kbrosnanmiketaylr: even if you have the fake in your history your browser won't autocomplete it unless you are typing Cyrillic
16:43kbrosnanor just type out the whole thing
16:44miketaylrdon't worry, i don't even know how to change keyboard layouts on this mac
16:44miketaylrshould be good
17:36Lounge-testingis there a list of URLs to try parsing?
17:36Lounge-testingto ensure a client/parser is up-to-spec?
17:39jsbellLounge-testing: perhaps ?
17:39Lounge-testingwent with this
17:39Lounge-testingbut thanks
17:39Lounge-testingthats easy to test against though ^^
22 Apr 2017
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