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19 May 2017
04:49annevktobie: yes, I can revive my old email thread with GitHub support and copy you all
04:49annevktobie: maybe we can finally get it fixed then; will do once I'm behind my desktop
05:57hsivonenMikeSmith: hmm. maybe I've forgotten an hg add
06:08hsivonenMikeSmith: fixed:
06:09hsivonenMikeSmith: still no git version
06:16MikeSmithhsivonen: cool thanks
06:33MikeSmithhsivonen: so theres a bug in template error-reporting that will need to fixed in the gecko sources too
06:34MikeSmithIll raise a bmo bug for it for now
06:35MikeSmithand after that will make time later to write a gecko patch for it unless somebody else beats me to it
07:23annevktobie: I copied you and Domenic on my GitHub support thread
07:58tobieannevk: ty
07:58tobieannevk: apparently zcorpan had similar issues yesterday
07:58annevkah good
07:58annevkMaybe that means it'll finally get fixed
07:59annevktobie: btw, when it works, do you have a better approach than cloning the whole repo?
07:59annevktobie: jgraham once tried to teach me a trick of just adding that branch, but I never got that to work
07:59tobieannevk: sorry what?
08:00tobieannevk: oh, to "include" someone else's repo inside yours?
08:01annevktobie: A forks repo R and creates a PR with branch B that the owner of R can push to because of this feature
08:01annevktobie: does the owner of R need to clone the fork or can they do something with just B
08:01zcorpanannevk: I think whatwg/html checkout-pr script does this?
08:05annevkzcorpan: well, you also need to then push to B
08:05annevkzcorpan: that's not possible with the checkout-pr thing afaik
08:05tobieannevk: ^
08:06annevktobie: interesting, I should maybe wrap that in a function and maybe document it in whatwg/meta
08:06zcorpanannevk: it is possible if the checkbox is checked
08:07tobieannevk: s/webidl/[REPO-NAME]/ obv.
08:07annevkzcorpan: oh yeah, looks remarkably similar to what tobie pasted
08:08zcorpanannevk: what tobie wrote is essentially the same as checkout-pr... right :-)
08:08annevkI wish I had known this earlier
08:08annevkAlthough given how flaky the feature is maybe it's alright
08:09tobieannevk: what's wild is it seems to be the UI that's causing the flakiness.
08:11annevktobie: yeah, would be nice if we could just outlaw that UI to begin with
08:11annevktobie: "are you sure you want to PR this repo? they require to be able to push to your branch"
08:17tobieannevk: that's interesting.
08:17tobieannevk: sort of rubs me the wrong way, though.
08:18annevktobie: collaborate or bust
08:19tobieannevk: the ownership model is inside out, though.
08:19annevktobie: the other thing I think should be possible is for anyone to create a branch without a whole fork
08:20annevktobie: might not layer well on top of Git, but for GitHub it'd make perfect sense
08:21annevkIt'd be much easier to work on changes if you can just work on the main repo in your namespaced branches rather than keeping a fork up-to-date
08:21tobieannevk: totally agree. I can see branches emerging as some form of lighter weight thing people coalesce around.
08:22tobieannevk: well, namespaced-branches would require a different permission model for that to work
09:36hsivonenshould never reboot a server except early in the morning on a day that can be used for dealing with it not actually booting cleanly...
13:29* wanderview turns to IRC for entertainment while twitter is down...
17:40annevkrbyers: it would be good to know who in Blink have bz-level knowledge of navigation / document objects / browsing contexts/ etc.
17:40annevkrbyers: I want to create some kind of @whatwg/navigate team on GitHub to ping on these kind of issues
17:41annevkrbyers: going on vacation soon, but I plan to continue tackling it when I get back
17:43rbyersannevk: That's an easy question. Nobody has "bz-level knowledge" of this stuff ;-)
17:44rbyers.. but perhaps the question is, who are the people responsible for owning this space on blink (and continuing to build up towards bz-level knowledge).
17:44jyasskinrbyers: Navigation would maybe be one of the site-isolation folks?
17:44annevkNo easy wins in navigation
17:45annevkjyasskin: yeah maybe, though it was somewhat suspect that the answer to what needs changing in the HTML Standard was "nothing"
17:45rbyersjyasskin: Yeah we certainly have a number of experts in various pieces
17:45annevk(I think I asked on Twitter, but it's down...)
17:46jyasskinannevk: They did a lot of work to make their changes invisible. But it's true that they're not spec folks.
17:48rbyersannevk: It would help me if you could collect a list of related spec issues which don't seem to have clear ownership from the Chrome team. We're rapidly filling in a lot of the gaps in our team structure, but still have a lot of work to do to ensure every API / algorithm is officially owned by some team.
17:49annevkThere's quite a large series of interop issues undermining this quest of refactoring navigation (not even thinking about all the stuff folks are doing on top with service workers and such); such as: what is the scope of browsing context names, when do load events dispatch, how does about:blank work, when do beforeunload / unload dispatch, how do Document
17:49annevkobjects inherit state, which WindowProxy objects can access each other, etc.
17:49annevkrbyers: ^^
17:50annevkrbyers: has 50+ issues relating to this
17:50annevkrbyers: also things like what can you do and not do during beforeunload and unload and how is that governed
17:51wanderviewbasically all the parts of the spec/web people try to avoid
17:51annevkGotta go relax a bit, hope that helps looking around
17:51annevkwanderview: hah
17:52rbyersannevk: That's really helpful, thank you!
17:52* wanderview thinks annevk is asking who on the blink team rbyers doesn't like and would like to punish...
17:53rbyersFWIW some of our "site isolation" people (like lucasgadani@ who I see filed at least one of those bugs) are on my team and are currently moving to other projects. Perhaps there's something I can do within my own team here...
17:54rbyerswanderview: Hah, what do you mean? Working on interop on my team is one of the most glamorous, well-recognized, enjoyable things you can do ;-)
17:54wanderviewthats good
17:54rbyersI'm half joking. But only half... ;-)
20 May 2017
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