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19 Mar 2017
14:01JosephSilberTabAtkins, Grid question: when using dynamic column gap sizes (via justify-content: space-around or space-between), is there any way to have the row gaps' size match the columns' gaps?
14:22annevkJosephSilber: he's away per Twitter
17:00TabAtkinsTho I have plenty of Internet when we're in port, surprisingly.
17:00TabAtkinsJosephSilber: No, there isn't.
19:31billy-woodshi all. github newbie here, and i want to make sure i'm doing the right thing! domenic opened an issue labelled 'good first bug' recently ( am i right in thinking that i need to (1) fork the repo, (2) modify the file called "source" as appropriate in my own forked copy, (3) submit a pull request back to the main
19:31billy-woodsrepo, and that's it? thanks
19:38annevkbilly-woods: yup, ta!
19:39billy-woodsokay, great. will give it a go now (+ also trying out building a local copy) and get back to you if i struggle. :)
19:50annevkbilly-woods: hopefully someone else can help you then, bit late here
19:51billy-woodsno problem, thanks for your replies anyway :)
19:52DomenicI've got a haircut starting about now but should be able to answer questions after the next hour or so :).
20:13billy-woodsi confused myself a couple of times along the way, but i think i've sent a pull request now :)
20 Mar 2017
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