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17 Apr 2017
12:23MikeSmithPSA: the HTML checker now has more options for letting you filter out (drop/ignore/suppress) error messages and warning messages you dont care about/dont want to see/dont consider to be a problem
12:25MikeSmiththe mechanism is just to specify a set of regular expressions, and any error message or warning message that matches any of the specified regexes gets filtered out (dropped/ignored/suppressed)
16:05annevkDomenic: if you could update with thoughts today that'd be great
16:05annevkOh, you're in the process of going through stuff, guess it'll happen then
16:12Domenicprioritization pings are always nice :)
16:16annevkI will have a full eight hours plus again starting tomorrow, so I better have something to do
16:16annevkThough those WindowProxy issues might keep me busy for a bit
16:18DomenicI also feel like we kinda dropped which has multiple confused implementers; I've been meaning to get back to that
16:22annevkDomenic: and the whole rewrite history and fix lifetime issues?
16:22annevkThat's my main frustration with service workers, we're exposing all these things but we barely know how they work
16:23Domenicsure, yeah, although those are bigger and mostly hurting servo right now in terms of immediately-actionable implementation work
16:23annevkI think it's also hurting decisions we make in service workers around navigation and such
16:23Domenicwhereas 2415 is Edge going "we have an interop problem with Chrome because of this spec area" and then Gecko being like "hmm yes, this does not make any sense"
16:23annevkNot history as much, but lifetime for sure
16:24annevkSo looking at that issue it's mostly a mkwst issue I think
16:25annevkIt also reminds me of, which is still blocked on smaug_
16:25DomenicMaybe, although it seemed to me CSP is just one of many of these fail-to-load cases, and so likely mkwst will be happy with whatever we decide for the larger question
16:26annevkAh well, the larger one is the issue I just linked
16:26annevkI have a plan, I just need answers
16:26Domenic is the original
16:26DomenicI see
16:26annevkMy plan is that an error page results in an error event and is basically a document with a new opaque origin
17:17smaug_one day github has some reasonable way to see needinfo queue
17:41annevkYeah that is annoying
20:04Domenictobie: can we help with in some way?
20:05tobieThink it was waiting for your feedback on my last comment.
20:05tobieDomenic: ^
20:06DomenicOh, dang, I was afraid it was something like that
20:06tobieDomenic: np, it took me long to get back to you on it, so no worries.
20:06tobieDomenic: should have chased but the sensor work kept me super busy. :-/
20:09tobieTabAtkins: any idea why the STOD section of WebIDL changed recently? Is that tied to some broader changes somwhere I missed?
20:15Domenictobie: there was a Bikeshed change to stop using mailing lists for WPWG
20:15DomenicThe "put the text webidl in the subject" is pretty inappropriate though
20:15DomenicI'll file a Bikeshed issue...
20:15tobieDomenic: ty
18 Apr 2017
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