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16 May 2017
00:13jsbellDoes "... and abort these steps" add anything useful after "return" or "throw"? HTML uses "return foo and abort these steps" which I assume is just old-and-crufty style, but maybe people like it... ?
00:14TabAtkinsjsbell: I find it makes it *extremely* clear that the sync part ends there. Definitely superfluous, but still helpful imo.
00:15Domenicjsbell: we've stopped using it as of the Infra Era, which formally defines return/throw to terminate the algorithm
00:15DomenicAs with most things in Infra, HTML is gradually updating to use them as we refactor various algorithms, so it'll be a mismash for a while.
00:23jsbellThanks. "use judiciously when it improves readability" is a possible take-away, balancing the risk of making its absence confusing.
00:30tobiejsbell: it's fine until you have nested steps at which point it increases confusion
04:24MikeSmithannevk: the problems with instability of are basically just that wptserve isnt really suitable for being run as a persistent process. is the only place where its run persistently with any kind fo load; everybody else just runs it locally with insignificant load
04:25MikeSmithannevk: the problem is that if wptserve running persistently under load leaks memory. Lots of it, til it eventually consumes 4GB+ of RAM. And it also starts to do other weird things
04:26MikeSmithannevk: so anyway I've now made a cron job that just restarts it every 1 hour
06:07jgrahamAs per the other channel, running a few thousand test files in CI doesn't seem like obviously insignificant load
06:07jgrahamSo I wonder if there's something more specific that's problematic (e.g. specific tests that cause leaks)
06:07MikeSmithvery hard to troubleshoot
06:10jgrahamI can maybe write a special patch to generate some memory logs
06:11jgrahamSee if we can figure out what's goign on
06:12MikeSmiththat would be good
06:14MikeSmithwhen I restarted it today, on the which has 7.8GB of RAM and normally has about 5.8GB of that sitting free, there was instead only 1.7GB free
06:14MikeSmithso hey on the bright side, it hadnt yet consumed all of the free RAM
07:21annevkrbyers: I lost Chromium issue privileges so I can no longer add labels and such
07:21annevkrbyers: intentional?
07:21annevkrbyers: will be the kind of issues you get from now
08:20jochen__sorry about that, I'll ping internally to restore your privs
09:16smaug"same tree"
09:17smaugbut that doesn't care about in-document or anything
09:29Youndersmaug, What is the reason for the current instability in the released blink implementation?
09:29* smaug doesn't know too much about blink
09:30smaugLast time I hacked webkit (pre-blink) was after all 11+ years ago :p
10:55annevkjochen__: do you think you could describe what does exactly in
10:55annevkjochen__: I guess I can start writing some tests
11:01jochen__I can try, however, it's very different from what the spec says or Firefox does :/
11:05rbyersannevk: Sorry, no of course it's not intentional . I'll investigate.
11:10jochen__rbyers: i've sent an email to committers@
11:16annevkjochen__: what Fx and the spec do is overly complicated so I'd rather not go there
11:33annevknox: you said that WebKit doesn't implement with three arguments, but afaict it does
11:33annevknox: in
11:33annevknox: at least"","","") opens a new window in Safari TP
11:40noxannevk: Yeah that part was wrong
11:41annevknox: would you mind if I remove the comment?
11:41noxannevk: Nope.
11:42noxannevk: Is the spec going to align to WebKit behaviour?
11:55jochen__i hope not, unless WK meanwhile implements the origin check :)
11:57annevknox: something that doesn't create a new global ideally
12:02noxannevk: WOOOO
12:03noxjochen__: What?
12:09annevknox: it's probably gonna take a while longer, but I've made some progress
12:38jochen__nox, afaik WK hasn't implemented yet
12:44noxjochen__: Oh.
12:44noxjochen__: I meant the part where WK doesn't create a new Window.
14:29jochen__annevk: I tried to summarize what blink does... at places, it's not quite clear to me how our code translates to spec text and vice versa
14:30annevkjochen__: ta, I'll have a look tomorrow or maybe later today, time to do some parenting
19:53YuhongIt would be funny if W3C was to version HTML based on the WHATWG web developer edition.
19:54YuhongSimilar to what they did with HTML 3.2.
21:33zcorpancdumez is quick with fixing bugs <3
21:43zcorpanin related news - yay!
17 May 2017
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