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16 Apr 2017
00:52MikeSmithgotta like the term *special agent cluster*
01:35tantekMikeSmith: sounds like a bad spy parody with Mr. Bean
03:36MikeSmithtantek: :)
03:37MikeSmithmkwst: not tests anywhere yet for Credential Management API?
03:37MikeSmith*no tests
04:26annevkDomenic: that or there is some kind of security issue
04:27annevkDomenic: cannot think of anything though, but shared memory is complex
04:38annevkDomenic: the rationale for not changing the definition of agent/agent clusters btw is that if you change those they're no longer useful as process boundaries, since setting document.domain would end up moving you into a different process
04:38Domenicyeah, but i think their role as shared memory boundaries is more useful than their role as process boundaries, as the latter is just an implementation detail
04:39Domenic"An agent cluster is a maximal set of agents that can communicate by operating on shared memory."
04:40annevkIt's not an implementation detail though, it actually matters for document.domain
04:40annevkBut we'll just need a different term for that then...
04:40DomenicI don't see how agent clusters matter for document.domain.
04:41annevkAgents, not agent clusters
04:41DomenicHowever the definition I found maybe argues for including similar-origin since such agents can operate on shared memory by just sharing reference to an ArrayBuffer.
04:42annevkOnly if document.domain is set though
04:42DomenicSure, they can operate on shared memory by e.g. posting a message to each other telling each other to set document.domain
04:52annevkDomenic: I'm going to squash the commits if that's okay with you
05:09annevkDomenic: in you mean "the two globals"
05:09Domenicannevk: thanks, updated
10:48annevkDomenic: I wish we had discussed how to define StructuredSerializeForStorage since you're prolly asleep now
17 Apr 2017
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