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15 Mar 2017
08:27annevkA couple of us have been trying to sketch out how the WHATWG operates these days as a potential update to parts of the FAQ
08:27annevkIf you have any input that'd be greatly appreciated!
08:29annevkThe goal is to put it up on once everyone is more or less satisfied
09:18annevkgsnedders: I'm afraid filters/ is not basic enough, I need to do something with the output of the parser
09:19annevkgsnedders: I might be able to figure something out though
09:29annevkAnd I did, hurray, now to actually make this useful...
09:55annevkLooks like you found the same issue
09:55annevkpotential issue, need zcorpan I guess to confirm
09:57zcorpanannevk: confirm what?
09:57annevkzcorpan: see the other review comments
09:57annevkzcorpan: yours is a good find too
10:00annevkI also haven't converted tests in subdirectories and there's a fair amount of those
10:04Ms2gerannevk, I can probably add the variant thing, but not today
10:04zcorpanNot all of them can be... e.g. cookies/ uses iframe (could maybe be changed to use XHR). unload-a-document/ tests navigation
10:04annevkMs2ger: no rush
10:05Ms2gerFile an issue on wpt-tools?
10:09zcorpan"No tests run." :-(
10:11annevkzcorpan: that's
10:11Ms2gerDo screens for desktops still need a separate power supply these days?
10:12annevkMs2ger: I think so
10:13annevkMs2ger: those LG monitors Apple sells allow you to do the reverse, drop the power supply for your MacBook (if applicable), haven't seen that elsewhere
10:13Ms2gerHuh, interesting
10:17Ms2gerSo, 12 power outlets for my office... Would that be enough?
10:20annevkMs2ger: I guess that's rhetorical, but if not, if it's just for you, yes
10:26jgrahamMs2ger: I have four at my dsk here and that isn't enough :) I also has an extension thing that I remember being broken for some reason and now am scared to plug in
10:31annevkYeah, I need 5, but I've got a couple spare still
12:29jochen__trying to write web-platform-tests for loading images via a stylesheet without falling back to reftests
12:29jochen__to do that, I'm looking for a way how I could access the actual pixel values from something loaded via a stylesheet
12:30jochen__however, getComputedStyle(testDiv).backgroundImage only gives me the URL
12:30jochen__any ideas where to look?
12:36MikeSmithgsnedders: jgraham
12:37MikeSmithwonder if we have existing tests which do something like that
12:43annevkjochen__: you can't
12:44annevkjochen__: you could use state on the server though to find out what was requested and how
13:20zcorpanhsivonen: you may be interested in
13:25zcorpanjochen__: you could also rely on the (unspecified) fact that background images delay the load event
13:29zcorpanjochen__: or something like
13:30zcorpan(that should wait for onload before checking computed style...)
13:54jochen__annevk: are there examples of other WPT using server state like that?
13:55jochen__zcorpan: good idea, thanks!
13:56zcorpanjochen__: ./html/semantics/document-metadata/the-link-element/
13:57zcorpanmore examples: grep -rI --exclude-dir=".git" stash .
13:58jochen__gross. I like it.
14:52noxIs it me or /html/browsers/the-window-object/security-window/window-security.html is mostly garbage?
14:53noxMost subtests do not seem to follow the spec, nor to pass in either Safari or Firefox.
15:33gsneddersnox: if the test is old that's pretty unsurprising
15:34noxgsnedders: Ok.
15:34noxgsnedders: TIL cross origin window.alert() is just fine.
16:24annevknox: clean it up or file an issue?
16:33noxannevk: Will do.
17:46annevkNo more legacy bugs for XMLHttpRequest and URL \o/
17:47tantekannevk++ nice work
16 Mar 2017
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