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14 Mar 2017
07:41zcorpanDomenic: re utf-16, iirc, in the era before , if the encoding label is "utf-16", the BOM is mandatory; if the encoding label is "utf-16le" or "utf-16be", the BOM is forbidden
07:43annevkAh yeah, that sounds about right, but that wasn't actually how anything worked
08:52yhirano__annevk: Regarding, do you have any failing tests?
08:53annevkyhirano__: oh, I forgot to cc myself so I never saw the reply, looking
08:54annevkyhirano__: I don't have any failing tests
08:55yhirano__annevk: Thank you, then I will close the issue.
08:55annevkyhirano__: should test the functionality
08:55annevkyhirano__: I guess that means that only Firefox doesn't implement this yet
08:58annevkyhirano__: thanks for letting me know
09:00yhirano__np, and thank you.
09:00yhirano__annevk: np, and thank you.
12:29smaugmounir: so about the mousedown/up
12:31smaugwas it really designed so that mouseup isn&#39;t supposed to be dispatched at all, even if page got mousedown outside <video>?
12:31smaugor is that oversight?
13:07mounirsmaug: I couldn&#39;t say for sure but likely an oversight
16:22ajeffrey_A question about
16:22ajeffrey_should history.go(0) perform a security check?
16:22ajeffrey_the spec says it&#39;s the same as reload(), which does,
16:23ajeffrey_but this means that history.go(N) only performs a security check when N=0.
16:27annevkIs there some sample html5lib treewalker code somewhere I can copy-and-paste from?
16:28annevkI need to iterate over a bunch of elements parsed from a document, look up some attributes and save the contents of one element, shouldn&#39;t be very hard, but with Python I never quite know how to reverse engineer a class
16:37Domenicajeffrey_: good question; what do browsers do?
16:38gsneddersannevk: look at anything in html5lib/filters/
16:40ajeffrey_Domenic: I realized that was most likely going to be the answer :)
16:40ajeffrey_I&#39;ll test and find out.
16:45gsneddersannevk: see, e..g,
16:55ajeffrey_Domenic: both FF and chrome actually throw a security exception on any cross-origin history.go(N).
16:56ajeffrey_we never actually get as far as the spec for go, I suspect.
16:57annevkCross-origin how?
16:58annevkgsnedders: ta, will investigate tomorrow
16:58ajeffrey_annevk: using iframe.contentWindow on a cross-origin iframe.
16:59annevkajeffrey_: history should not be accessible per WindowProxy limitations
16:59ajeffrey_Domenic: hmm, interestingly FF and chrome disagree about same-origin history.go(0).
17:00ajeffrey_If you call iframe.contentWindow.history.go(0) in Chrome, it reloads the iframe,
17:00ajeffrey_in FF it reloads the current document.
17:01annevkajeffrey_: then it&#39;s not cross-origin or we are missing something
17:02annevkajeffrey_: History is not a cross-origin object per standard
17:02ajeffrey_My read of &quot;When the go(delta) method is invoked, if delta is zero, the user agent must act as if the location.reload() method was called instead.&quot; is to reload the currently active document of the window the history came from.
17:03annevkThat only matters if you can access history
17:03ajeffrey_annevk: yes, this second point is re same-origin history.
17:05ajeffrey_it&#39;s that the spec says &quot;location.reload()&quot; but doesn&#39;t actually say which location object to use.
18:06annevkajeffrey_: I see, that should probably be refactored
18:06annevkajeffrey_: I&#39;m sorry they made you implement this, although I&#39;m also somewhat happy we&#39;re getting all the issues logged
18:13ajeffrey_annevk: np, should I file an issue?
18:13annevkajeffrey_: yeah, that&#39;s probably best
18:13ajeffrey_Okay, will do.
18:16annevkajeffrey_: if you have any tests those would be good to include btw
18:20ajeffrey_annevk: OK, I&#39;ll see if I can write something.
18:23ajeffrey_annevk: is there an easy way to check to see if a document is being loaded for the first time vs a reload?
18:24annevkajeffrey_: there is some kind of state thing in web-platform-tests, but I&#39;m not familiar enough to give advice
18:25ajeffrey_annevk: oh yes, I could use a stash.
18:32annevkajeffrey_: yes, that thing
15 Mar 2017
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