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14 Jul 2017
00:13samtoday1Hey is there a list of advisory comittee members anywhere?
00:53astearnssamtoday1: there is, but access to it is restricted to w3c member accounts
01:24MikeSmithkochi: about domain-name registration, Ian says he renewed it in March already, so everythings good
01:24MikeSmithdunno what lookup told you otherwise but I guess its got stale data
01:25kochiMikeSmith: thanks for checking!
01:25MikeSmiththanks for the heads-up
02:05a-jaMikeSmith, noticed your validator changes over the w/e
02:06a-jaMikeSmith, know if script nomodule is supported? haven't checked yet
02:14samtoday1astearns: why is it restricted?
02:15astearnssamtoday1: dunno
06:45yhirano__annevk: yt?
06:53yoavJakeA: Service worker question. Does SW has visibility into request bodies of third party requests? (via formData() or otherwise)
06:55JakeAyoav: yep! As long as it isn't a navigation request (which form submission is)
06:55JakeANavigation requests go to the service worker at the destination
06:56yoavThanks! I'm not clear on what's a third party navigation request...
07:13annevkyhirano__: am now
07:15annevkyoav: or top-level
07:15annevkyoav: navigation to a different origin or different scope
07:15yhirano__annevk: we are porting some chrome xhr layout tests to wpt. It is good to review it on chromium review site, or is it better to review it on github?
07:15yoavannevk: OK, thanks
07:16annevkyhirano__: if you review them against the spec it's fine to do it yourself
07:16annevkyhirano__: once they're synced I might have another look I suppose
07:18yhirano__annevk: thanks! we'll add you to the cc list in the chromium review anyway
07:18yoavannevk: not sure it's the right forum but do you know of Firefox plans regarding
07:19annevkyoav: maybe next year
07:20yoavcool, thanks
07:20annevkyoav: but thanks for mentioning that, I should probably get it tracked somehow
07:37yoavmkwst: Speaking of Clear-Site-Data, which part of it can be used to nuke a SW?
07:37yoavIs it ?
07:46annevkyoav: storage + executionContexts
07:47yoavthanks, missed that
08:22JakeAyoav: <form action=&quot;other-origin&quot; method=&quot;POST&quot;> - a submit button in here would initiate a POST request with a body to another origin as part of a navigation
08:23yoavoooh, that changes everything! (or some things)
08:23JakeAI&#39;m assuming third party and other origin are the same thing
13:28annevkYay, <isindex> is gone from Firefox:
15 Jul 2017
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