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13 May 2017
13:04caitpI'm looking at WebIDL and DOM looking for an explanation about the difference between Chrome and FF when it comes to enumerable-ness of indexed properties (particularly in NodeList.childNodes), to justify either behaviour, but I'm having trouble finding support for either behaviour
13:37annevkcaitp: NodeList.prototype.childNodes is not a thing, afaik
13:37caitpright, you know what I mean
13:37caitpthe NodeList returned by thing.childNodes
13:46annevkcaitp: can't really find anything quickly other than which doesn't really address the question
13:50caitpI'm not sure which one is correct, if any
13:50caitprelated to
13:51caitpanyways, will look at that on monday I guess
13:54annevkcaitp: is this about the iterable<> declaration or about enumerable properties?
13:55annevkI guess I don&#39;t really know what Object.values does
14:03caitpits like Object.keys, returns values of all own enumerable properties
14:03caitpnon-Symbol-keyed properties*
14:04caitpff reports the indexed properties as enumerable, chrome doesnt
14:05annevkcaitp: pretty sure Firefox is correct since bz did most of that stuff
14:05annevkcaitp: and platform objects always tend to have everything enumerable, afaik
14:05caitpmaybe he can explain the choice
14:07annevkcaitp: defines it
14:08caitpyes, but that attribute doesnt apply to NodeList afaict
14:08annevkcaitp: why not?
14:08annevkcaitp: nodelist has a getter and is therefore a legacy platform object
14:09caitphmm, alright
14:09caitpso, blink bindings bug, mystery solved. thanks for taking the time
21:43zewthooray turning https off on a site because browsers are stupid and refuse to load mixed-content iframes
21:44zewtforcing people to not use https sure is a great security feature
14 May 2017
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