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13 Jul 2017
00:00MikeSmithfor the checker we are unfortunately still using a custom media-condition/media-query parser
00:00MikeSmithreally need to replace that
00:00MikeSmith...but not this week
02:00kochiwho is the person that is knowledgeable about querySelector() API?
02:00kochiI want to consult someone about
02:17MikeSmithkochi: TabAtkins I would think
02:18MikeSmithor else depending on specifics, he could point you to somebody who knows more-particular details
02:18kochiMikeSmith: thanks for suggestion.
02:19kochiI'm not familiar with the birth of querySelector() in the DOM spec after jQuery.
02:19TabAtkinsI'll respond tomorrow
02:19kochiOh, thanks!
02:19TabAtkinsOff work right now
02:19kochigood night!
02:21MikeSmithkochi: also from Chrome team I wonder if Dan Beam might have suggestions (but reckon hes away now too)
02:25kochiMikeSmith: thx, I feel strange I got advice about colleagues from outside the company :)
02:39domfarolinoFor someone who knows very little about political tension with W3C and EME could I get a little clarification on what is happening with DRM stuff? Random tweet indicate that EME is being baked into the official W3C HTML spec yet it is clearly getting a ton of pushback
02:39domfarolinoWill we be seeing changes to the whatwg/html spec as a result of this EME DRM stuff? orrr.....?
02:40domfarolinoapologies if that all sounds real naive..admittedly I have little context
03:36kochiI'm wondering who is managing according to, its Registry Expiry Date is 2016-03-09T02:01:33Z, though it is Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
03:37kochiand is autoRenewPeriod -
04:11MikeSmithkochi: Ian is
04:11kochiwill ping him.
04:16MikeSmithI just now did
04:16MikeSmithbut feel free to ping him directly too
08:20annevkdomfarolino: thus far EME is a standalone specification
08:20annevkdomfarolino: which extends HTML
08:21annevkdomfarolino: I doubt it would ever merge into the main spec
08:23domfarolinoannevk: ok thanks. Lotta controversy around it, is it something WHATWG doesn't really support? Again, I don't know much about it all but I've almost exclusively heard negative things lol
08:24annevkdomfarolino: not sure WHATWG has a position, but a couple of us did publish
08:25annevkdomfarolino: which is also negative btw
08:25botieokay, annevk.
08:25annevkbotie: yw
08:25botieannevk: what?
08:25annevkbotie: shrug
08:25botieannevk: excuse me?
08:26annevkdomfarolino: the positive spin afaict is basically that it's better than plugins and there's more sandboxing opportunity, but that never really addresses that plugins were on their way out anyway and that sandboxing is not guaranteed whatsoever by the EME specification
08:27annevkdomfarolino: or that now more so than with plugins we've enshrined platform-specific solutions
08:40domfarolinoannevk: thanks I'll read that post. Ah ok. Thanks for the context, appreciated. Yeah from what I can tell it seems largely corporation-backed which is...interesting.
08:44annevkdomfarolino: the whole thing is very much Hollywood-driven, by proxy
08:46annevkdomfarolino: that's why you get Comcast praising W3C and the EFF being appalled
08:51domfarolinoannevk: Ah yeah I think I read something about their strong opposition, yet the spec being approved anyways etc.
08:55annevkdomfarolino: if you want to learn more about what it actually is is good
12:53MikeSmithJakeA: thanks for
12:53JakeAno problem!
12:55MikeSmithJakeA: I wonder if should be updated to reflect that guidance?
12:55MikeSmithspecifically, to say to use Vary: Origin, Access-Control-Request-Headers, Access-Control-Request-Method
12:56MikeSmithinstead of use Vary: Origin
12:57JakeAI think that makes sense
12:58MikeSmithOK will create a PR
13:25JakeAMikeSmith: +1, thanks!
13:28ytrezqHello, which image format I should use in order to display stereoscopic pictures on stereoscopic capable monitor?
15:53Domenicjolvera: it's live!!
15:54jolverawhat what
15:54jolveraoh nice!
15:56gsnedders marking old W3C HTML RECs as Obsolete (per the 2017 process)
15:58Domenic"A good start"
16:37domfarolinoannevk: thanks for the info/link!
14 Jul 2017
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