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13 Aug 2017
02:03rniwaanyone here?
02:12MikeSmithrniwa: yep2
02:12MikeSmithrniwa: one more yep and you can ship
02:13rniwaMikeSmith: so DataTransfer is quite a bit of mess...
02:14MikeSmithagreed :)
02:14MikeSmithseems like all of drag and drop is a mess
02:15MikeSmithwaiting to hear you say you gonna fix it all :)
02:17rniwaMikeSmith: e.g. means that Firefox would let you keep accessing dataTransfer.items, files, etc...
02:17rniwawhile other browsers won't.
02:18* MikeSmith looks
02:18rniwaso dataTransfer.files.length change in Blink/WebKit but not in Gecko
02:18rniwamy goodness, someone is using nic name of "so".
02:18rniwathis is very confusing.
02:18MikeSmithso what does the spec say?
02:18MikeSmithor it doesnt say?
02:18* MikeSmith is still reading the bug
02:19MikeSmithso the gecko behavior or just non-conforming, right?
02:19MikeSmithas far as what the bug says
02:19rniwaMikeSmith: as far as I read the spec, Blink/WebKit behavior implements this correctly
02:20MikeSmiththe problem described in that bug seems different than what you just described btw
02:21MikeSmithoh, means that Firefox would let you keep accessing dataTransfer.items, files, etc
02:22rniwaMikeSmith: yeah
02:22rniwait took me a while to decipher what the spec was trying to say
02:22MikeSmithOK yeah the word Protected threw me off
02:23MikeSmithI didnt realize that was a specific dfned term in the spec
02:23rniwaMikeSmith: see step 13 in
02:23MikeSmiththe data itself is unavailable
02:24* MikeSmith looks at
02:24MikeSmithrniwa: that seems clear enough to me
02:24MikeSmithbut then Im not implementing it..
02:25MikeSmithhmm though the first step is If no specific related target was provided, set related target to null.
02:26rniwaMikeSmith: it's step 3
02:26MikeSmithyeah I see that now
02:26rniwait's really annoying that all these algorithm based spec text gets out of date easily
02:26MikeSmithwell I will PR that one right now
02:26MikeSmithbefore I forget
02:26MikeSmith(unless you have already)
02:45rniwaMikeSmith: the change looks great but I don't have the commit access to the repo
03:02MikeSmithyeah I'
03:02MikeSmithyeah Ill just wait for Domenic or annevk to review it
03:03MikeSmitha meta issue here is that ideally we should be writing those algorithms in a way where references like that get automatically updated if a step moves
03:04MikeSmithmaybe bikeshed has some magic for that
03:04MikeSmithbut its obviously pretty brittle to have references to step numbers hardcoded like that
03:06MikeSmithand its imaginable that in some cases it could cause real implementation bugs, if the changed step number being referenced isnt obviously the wrong step as it was in this case
13:36TimothyGuannevk: ok, thanks. it's summer break for me so lots of time on my hand
14 Aug 2017
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