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12 Jul 2017
11:50botiea-ja, at 2017-07-10 04:12 UTC, MikeSmith said: I added scope/updateviacache/workertype support to the checker sources and pushed to & I also added some filtering for now to suppress the warning about child-src
18:04domfarolinoDomenic: for my PR on HTML you commented on a bit ago, if I pull those inner steps out into its own algorithm would it be worth putting a <p class=note> underneath the first step of the innerText algorithm saying this is codifying some legacy behavior etc?
18:05Domenicdomfarolino: I don&#39;t know if I&#39;d go as far as to call it legacy behavior. But maybe an example showing how it can sometimes be surprising would be helpful.
18:05domfarolinoDomenic: cool! Yeah I like that
19:25jolveraDomenic just saw the last edits on the search bar PR, most of the changes was me trying to match style of the old version
19:25jolveramight be worth to have a style guide for js/css code?
19:25Domenicjolvera: yeah no problem, just cleaning it up a bit since now we&#39;re maintaining it instead of the previous author
19:25Domenicjolvera: yeah I think that would definitely be a good idea
19:25Domenicjolvera: currently I&#39;m trying to hack it to see if it&#39;s possible to just use focus instead of manipulating .selected, but so far it isn&#39;t working. So probably will merge very soon.
19:26jolveraDomenic i already spent some time trying to do that
19:26Domenichaha dang I should have asked
19:26jolveracouldn&#39;t figure it out, lol
19:28jolverafor a style guide, it could be something really simple, e.g.
19:28jolverastating most common use cases
19:35DomenicI think I got the focus thing
19:43Domenicjolvera: changes uploaded, would love your review
19:43jolverachecking now
19:44DomenicThe other thing I&#39;m wondering about is how in Firefox / does not work, hmm
19:44DomenicOn the other hand searching the internet for ways to override reveals at least one user who is frustrated that overriding it is possible
19:44DomenicMaybe we&#39;ll just leave it
19:45DomenicThe alternative is UA sniffing to not install the placeholder=&quot;&quot; in Firefox I guess
19:53jolverawhat about to add outline: none to the focus element
19:53jolverait looks weird with the blue box-shadow on chrome and the green background
19:53DomenicI am not a big fan of doing that as it apparently makes it inaccessible
19:54DomenicWe maybe could color it green?
19:55jolveramaybe, i mean, is not big deal
19:56DomenicHmm I guess we have alternative styles so maybe it&#39;s fine
19:57DomenicI am leaning toward leaving it
20:15jolverayeah, just leave it as is
20:15jolveras/lets just/just/
20:16jolveraDomenic everything else looks good!
20:17wanderviewDomenic: do you agree with my review of changes to response-stream-disturbed-5.html here?
20:26Domenicwanderview: yes, agreed
23:57MikeSmithTabAtkins: should I add support to the HTML checker for the &#39;hover&#39; media feature?
23:58MikeSmithand if so, should I also add support for &#39;any-hover&#39;, &#39;pointer&#39;, and &#39;any-pointer&#39;?
13 Jul 2017
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