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12 Feb 2017
06:10annevkGPHemsley: graag gedaan
07:47annevkSo my theory with all the weird IDNA problems we're seeing is that implementers have some checks reversed
07:47annevkThey only do full ToASCII if there are no ASCII code points
07:48annevkOtherwise they don't care and just pass it along without much validation
07:48annevkWhereas UTS 46 does apply a bunch of processing even to plain ASCII input
07:48annevkI guess I should write some more tests and then raise this somehow
09:26annevk(If goes down, please ping me.)
14:49kiwi_12705DOM says "Event listeners key off the events `type` attribute value"
14:49kiwi_12705What does it mean?
15:40annevkHmm, maybe we should indicate on the IRC page that it can take a while before you get a reply
16:28annevkJakeA: can you figure out why never went anywhere?
16:28annevkJakeA: is it something Chrome just doesn't want to do, or did the bug never got the attention from the right people?
16:29annevk(I emailed someone at Mozilla to get an equivalent answer for
16:30JakeAannevk: I haven't figured that it yet. Trying to work out if it breaks existing sites.
16:30JakeAthat out*
16:31annevkJakeA: not all existing sites use <h1-6> correctly either, so I doubt the outline is always useful
16:32JakeAannevk: yeah, it comes down to &quot;does it make things significantly worse vs better&quot;
16:32JakeANot sure how to test that other than manually
16:32annevkJakeA: it&#39;s still interesting though why it was never picked up to begin with
16:33annevkJakeA: since at some point in the past <section> wasn&#39;t a thing and wouldn&#39;t really be able to impact sites significantly
16:33annevkJakeA: maybe there&#39;s some hidden opposition to the feature?
16:33JakeAannevk: it might slow things down, but we could have restricted the cost to AT users
16:33annevkI guess keeping it all work dynamically adds some cost
16:34JakeAannevk: I&#39;m guess it was just low priority because it&#39;s a11y + new
16:34annevkBut it can&#39;t be that much
17:19boogymanJakeA: where should I report a media playback issue for Chrome Canary?
17:44boogymanoh, duh. cheers
13 Feb 2017
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