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11 Feb 2017
00:06jyasskinAutomatedTester: Are you familiar with It has terminology for manipulating promises.
09:06MikeSmithannevk: now wondering under what conditions browsers send Origin: null. I realize for script running from file: origins, and data:, and for <iframe sandbox=&quot;allow-same-origin&quot;>. Are there other cases?
09:06annevkMikeSmith: redirects across origins
09:07annevkMikeSmith: if iframe has allow-same-origin it will not be null
09:08annevkMikeSmith: effectively when a request was from an opague origin or more than one origin was involved in the request due to redirects
09:32MikeSmithannevk: oh I guess I meant without allow-same-origin
09:34MikeSmithso about redirects across origins, to be clear, you mean if a request to, e.g., redirects to then the Origin gets set to null?
09:37annevkMikeSmith: if the request to was a cross-origin request to begin with
09:37MikeSmithyeah thats the context I meant
09:37annevkthen yes
09:38annevkMikeSmith: what happens is that request&#39;s origin gets set to a new opaque origin, and when that is serialized you get `null`
09:39MikeSmithI knew about the opaque origin gets serialized null thing, just didnt realize it happened for redirects in that context
09:39MikeSmiththis is in the Fetch spec?
09:43annevkMikeSmith: step 10
09:46MikeSmithannevk: arigatou
09:47annevkMikeSmith: curious spelling
09:48annevkhipster Japanese
09:49MikeSmithannevk: thats a actually pretty-traditional way to romanize it. Its the most literal transliteration of the actual phonetics
14:37Domenicin this context &quot;ou&quot; is pronounced as a &quot;long o&quot;. I enjoy the romanization where they go the extra step for you and use , so &quot;arigat&quot;
22:10GPHemsleyannevk: danke
12 Feb 2017
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