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10 Jan 2017
01:39gsneddersMikeSmith: noscript in head in kinda weird and awkward
03:52NB123hi all im looking for a way to implement spellcheck on safari ipad
03:52NB123on a web textarea
03:52NB123it seems like all other browser/platform work except Safari Ipad which i need the most
03:52NB123any hint?\
08:04ondrasstill puzzled by entity parsing
08:04ondras"If the character reference is being consumed as part of an attribute, and the last character matched is not a ";" (U+003B) character, and the next character is either a "=" (U+003D) character or an alphanumeric ASCII character, then, for historical reasons, all the characters that were matched after the U+0026 AMPERSAND character (&) must be unconsumed, and nothing is returned. However, if this next
08:04ondrascharacter is in fact a "=" (U+003D) character, then this is a parse error, because some legacy user agents will misinterpret the markup in those cases."
08:04ondrascan someone please show me an example of this rule in action?
08:05ondrasi.e. an attribute value that results in this parse error
08:06ondrasthe spec sounds like src="&amp=" would apply to this case?
08:07annevkondras: you're quoting a TR/ document, is it the same as the actual document?
08:08ondrasannevk: oops. this would be the proper doc?
08:09annevkondras: nope
08:09ondrashow on earth does one orient in this?
08:09ondraswhat are my odds of finding the proper document?
08:10ondrasannevk: next try: ?
08:11annevkondras: yeah, and apologies for the confusion
08:11annevkondras: I kinda assumed you knew since you're here all the time
08:13ondrasannevk: true. sorry for bothering you then; it is worded differently in the actual document and the current wording makes more sense.
11:06MikeSmithSW meetingin Tokyo?
13:27JakeAMikeSmith: yep! I posted to the list a few months ago. You interested in joining? April 3rd & 4th
13:27MikeSmithJakeA: yeah
13:28JakeAMikeSmith: cool. I've got a TODO-list item to set up a github issue to plan the sessions. I'll post a link to it on the mailing list, but will also ping you directly.
13:30inoasIs there something like ::around or ::wrap, similar to ::after / ::before ?
13:31JakeAannevk: doesn't use -manual btw. But it does use force_timeout & set_status which doesn't appear to work
13:32annevkPretty sure it is wrong then
13:32inoasso that you don&#39;t have to do <div class=&quot;max-width-container&quot;><div class=&quot;row&quot;><article> but can just write <article> and have article::around { display: flex; max-width: 1000px; margin: 0 auto; } and article::around:around { display: block; width: 100% }
13:33JakeAannevk: feels like a grey area, since a browser flag (or granting permission in advance) means the test can run without manual interaction
13:33annevkJakeA: yeah, but we don&#39;t have syntax/support for indicating such a requirement
13:34annevkJakeA: once we do manual can be automated
13:34annevkinoas: shadow trees I suppose
13:35JakeAannevk: fair, will update the test
13:35inoasannevk I cannot follow what that has to do with shadow trees - can you point me at where to read there?
13:35inoasI am more like ::before ::after but just ::around
13:35inoasit is merely about presentation/rendering
13:36inoasso that you can create the presentation layer in CSS instead of table... eh div-class-soup
13:36inoaswhich will reduce the html sizes and thus the rendering overhead on documents massivly if applied
13:39annevkinoas: I mean that you could attach a shadow tree to the <article> that contains a bunch of wrapper <div>s for styling and a single <slot> for the contents of the <article> element
13:39inoasannevk that still requires real dom elements for just rendering purposes
13:40inoaswhat I mean is a pseudo element like before/after
13:41inoasannevk: would that be worth an issue?
13:57annevkinoas: they&#39;re hidden from the DOM though, so you don&#39;t get pollution in APIs
13:58annevkinoas: in any event, I guess you could file an issue
13:58inoasannevk: I am not about Javascript
13:58annevkinoas: there used to be a generated content proposal that addressed this and way more, but it was overly ambitious and never went anywhere
13:58inoasjust another exampe. I want to have most minimal markup for my clients to write
13:58inoasso say <article> and <article class=&quot;full-width&quot;>
13:59inoasarticle:not[class=&quot;full-width&quot;]::wrap { width: 100%; } article:not[class=&quot;full-width&quot;] { margin: 0 auto; max-width: 900px }
13:59inoasmisses () around :not
13:59inoasit would only be ::wrap or ::around that behaves exactly like ::before and ::after except that it cannot take a content: property
14:00inoasand well, the render would need to add the pseudo element &quot;around&quot; not before/after
15:49JakeAMikeSmith: Domenic: details on the next service worker f2f
15:50DomenicJakeA: awesome, will try to work out my schedule soon
15:52JakeAMikeSmith: hmm, I think I lied when I said I&#39;d sent something to public-webapps, sorry!
15:52JakeAfixing now
16:07wanderviewJakeA: do we have any limits on how many people can attend? (room size, etc)
16:07wanderviewwe have some folks working in Taipei office on service worker and I&#39;d like to invite them as long as we&#39;re not busting the room
16:08JakeAwanderview: I was thinking the same, especially as most of the Chrome SW effort is in Tokyo. Nate told me it&#39;s the &quot;big meeting room&quot;, but I&#39;ll get numbers
16:08JakeAwanderview: you&#39;re attending right?
16:09wanderviewJakeA: yes, I updated the github issue
16:09JakeAwanderview: hah, so you did. Cheers!
16:09wanderviewJakeA: btw, can we add a 3rd day where we just hold a rocket league tournament?
16:11JakeAwanderview: omg yes please
16:11wanderviewI got the game over the weekend... I can sometimes hit the ball!
16:11JakeAYou&#39;ll get steadily better. I still miss the ball a ton.
16:12wanderviewI think I&#39;ve gotten better since I decided never to push the power slide button
16:13JakeAPlayed briefly with esprehn. He got scarily good after only 30mins. Like, he was only a further 30mins away from kicking my arse.
17:03MikeSmithJakeA: thanks
17:17esprehnJakeA: !!
17:21JakeAesprehn: (rocket league post-CDS)
11 Jan 2017
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