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10 Aug 2017
01:37MikeSmithIm curious why the Safari team chose to prioritize implementation of navigator.sendBeacon over other things
01:37MikeSmithcontext being, its one of the features that shipped in the latest Safari Technology Preview
01:37MikeSmithmaybe that have some particular use for it
01:38MikeSmithI dont know enough about teh use cases for sendBeacon to be able to guess at what that might be though
01:39MikeSmithI guess the level of effort for implementing it might be significantly lower relative to a lot other things
07:11annevkMikeSmith: could also be something like Facebook saying they need it
08:16MikeSmithannevk: ah yeah
08:55foolipRegarding, where should we put the HTML FAQ? annevk Domenic MikeSmith ^
08:55* MikeSmith looks
08:56foolipAn in perhaps? We don't really have another place to put things....
08:59MikeSmithfoolip: yeah that
08:59botieyeah that is definitely an algorithm.
08:59MikeSmithI think that would be fine
08:59foolipMikeSmith: ok, so converting to markdown then...
09:00MikeSmiththanks for doing the work on that
09:03foolipMikeSmith: has bob asked you to push all the buttons needed to launch the new PR results app?
09:06MikeSmithfoolip: he has the power
09:07MikeSmithto do it all
09:07MikeSmithcant recall what its waiting on at this point but not me
09:11annevkfoolip: yeah I guess that's reasonable for now
09:11foolipannevk: working on it
09:48MikeSmithgetting a Rats! WebGL hit a snag. message in Gmail and now curious to find out what Gmail is using WebGL for
10:08foolipannevk, MikeSmith:
10:10foolipparts of the FAQ feel a bit dated, should we add a warning to say that it's being revised, or something like that?
10:10foolipto not give the impression that touching it again is a re-commitment to everything it says
10:11annevkYou should feel free to update it
10:11annevkThough maybe as a separate commit?
10:12foolipannevk: yeah, actually reading it and making it more approachable would be more work than I'm signing up for today, thought I'd just spend a few hours
10:40MikeSmithif you dont have time soonish, I can volunteer to take a shot at updating it, especially the dated parts you mentioned
10:44JakeAannevk: I went for "associated headers" rather than "an associated headers" as the latter sounds clunky, but I guess it's customary to treat the property "headers" as a singular?
10:55annevkJakeA: yeah
10:56JakeAcool, I've made that change
11:20foolipMikeSmith: thanks for review! and I don't plan to spend time on updating it soon, so that'd be much appreciated
11:21foolipMikeSmith: is now also in good shape
11:22foolipMikeSmith: in particular, the "other specifications" bit is a bit wrong towards the end now
11:22foolipMikeSmith: and the overall structure is strange
13:24annevkJakeA: so what's the idea about how the termination reason bubbles back up to the API?
13:44JakeAannevk: I'm struggling to find a use for termination reason
13:44JakeAannevk: maybe it'll become useful again with FetchObserver?
13:47annevkJakeA: as I pointed out XHR uses it
13:48annevkJakeA: the other question is whether any termination is an "AbortError"
13:50JakeAannevk: right now it's only AbortError via the signal
13:50JakeATypeError otherwise
13:51JakeAannevk: maybe it's best to replace termination reason with something else?
13:53annevkJakeA: that's fine, as long as we don't break XHR
13:54JakeAannevk: right now, if you otherWindow.fetch() and that window goes away, it's a TypeError rather than an AbortError
15:06gsneddersis the old DOM Level 3 Events spec?
19:11miketaylrwhat's the story w/ being down?
19:12miketaylrany mirrors?
19:16miketaylrah ok found it
19:16miketaylrhosted on
21:54MikeSmithmiketaylr: yeah some Dreamhost limitation prevents the archives from working with TLS
21:54MikeSmithI think the only way we could fix it is to move to a different hosting service
11 Aug 2017
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