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22 Feb 2017
07:43FNDhi - if I have nested custom elements (`foo-main > foo-sub`, server-rendered HTML), can I rely on a specific order of `connectedCallback`s firing?
07:43FNDempirically, it seems that nested components are initialized first
07:54annevkFND: I think in-out is defined, yes, but you shouldn't rely on that as the tree can be manipulated at random
07:55FNDyeah, I'm aware of the latter - but in this case, the sub-components are effectively internal, so under my control
07:55FNDI couldn't find anything on that in-out order, but I'll just take your authority for it :)
07:56annevkI wouldn't, I just recall this being discussed
07:59FNDfair enough - I'll keep searching for an authoritative reference then, thanks though
08:00annevkFND: it should be defined between and
08:00annevkFND: in particular I guess you want to study the parser section of HTML
08:00annevk(and follow the links from there)
08:01FNDexcellent, will do (after I've checked out of my hotel though, so bbl)
08:03MikeSmithannevk: did anybody get you a solution to that that WPT port thing from yesterday?
08:04annevkMikeSmith: "use JavaScript" is what I got
08:05MikeSmithhmm thats not a terrifically satisfying answer
08:08annevkMikeSmith: given WPT staff lack of time, I think it's all we got until someone learns more about wptserve and fixes it somehow
08:08annevkMikeSmith: you basically want something like {{hostport}} that leaves out the port if it happens to be the default
08:09annevkMikeSmith: and a standardized JavaScript library to deal with cross-origin tests wouldn't be bad to have either
08:10MikeSmithyeah that cross-origin library thing is more work of course but the port thing would not be a big level of effort
08:10MikeSmiththough I guess once I start saying that somebody will suggest I just implement it then
08:10annevkwptserve also lacks instructions for how to run it and test it which makes it a little scary
08:11MikeSmiththere is not way to test it
08:11MikeSmithwell, we have not tests at least
08:11MikeSmith*no tests
08:11annevkIt seems to have some tests when I browsed through the code
08:11annevkBut I didn't add any when I added support for raw_headers and jgraham didn't seem to care either
08:11MikeSmithoh well then thats better than I though
08:12annevkBecause it was very much unclear how they'd work
08:13MikeSmithIve never provided tests for changes I make to WPT infrastructure, nor required anybody else to when I review PRs
08:14MikeSmithwhich is unfortunate I guess
08:14Ms2gerBoth wptserve and wpt-tools have a bunch
08:15annevkA bunch?
08:15annevkI saw like six tests
22 Feb 2017
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