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19 Aug 2017
01:51deltabluxio: there have been others, but ultimately they've failed to overcome the network effect of JS
10:27tobieIs travis build for failing because of
10:28MikeSmithtobie: yes
10:50tobieMikeSmith: is wattsi deployed somewhere?
10:51tobieMikeSmith: and will it continue being deployed once travis handles all of the builds?
10:52tobieOh, I think I found it.
12:27tobieI can't seem to be able to unzip the output of the hosted wattsi server.
13:06TimothyGuwait, HTML has its own preprocessor?
13:07TimothyGuand it's written in Pascal? I'm impressed
13:10xfqit's created long before Bikeshed existed
16:08gsneddersTimothyGu: it went from a mess of Perl scripts calling custom C processors to a Python preprocessor (that was in many ways the pre-Bikeshed) to a custom Pascal one
16:08gsneddersTimothyGu: each move being faster than what came before
19:11DomenicThis should fix PR CI
19 Aug 2017
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