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29 Jun 2017
07:32wfpkhcwhy does -
07:32wfpkhchave "alt" attribute -
07:34wfpkhcif you have an <input type=&quot;text&quot;
07:34wfpkhcthen you are not going to use an alt tag
07:34wfpkhcdoes not specify only which attribute applies to this version of an input
07:35* wfpkhc sits quietly
07:38* wfpkhc waves bye bye to yudai
07:38wfpkhci hope he comes bakc
07:38* wfpkhc waves hello to Yudai
07:38wfpkhcwelcome back
07:39* wfpkhc sits quietly while waiting for a response...
07:42wfpkhcwhat im trying to get is a complete list of global attributes for <input>
07:42wfpkhcbut the document specifies it for all inputs
07:42wfpkhcwhat would be interested is to have an section for <input type=&quot;text&quot; (or any other input type)
07:44* wfpkhc feels alone*
07:49* wfpkhc waves bye to goplat*
07:49wfpkhci wonder if he will come back...
07:59* wfpkhc sits and waits quietly
08:22wfpkhcdid find a table with certain aspects on that web page
08:23* wfpkhc waves hello to belolap
08:23wfpkhci guess not
08:31wfpkhci think that the documenation is missing somethin
08:31wfpkhcthis table is missing the &quot;disable&quot; attribute on the table for the input types
08:31wfpkhcwelcome back
08:32* wfpkhc sits quietly
08:41* wfpkhc looks around
08:41* wfpkhc yawns
08:47* wfpkhc still here
08:54wfpkhcwelcome back belolap
09:10* wfpkhc sighs and sits quitly waiting for someone*
09:12rianby64hello! I&#39;ve a question about the example at I know that the examples are not so important, but I&#39;d like to know if the <script src=&quot;sortable.js&quot;></script> element should be there or not
09:13rianby64I ask because I don&#39;t see the code for that script, and I consider it&#39;s not necessary to include it in the example...
09:19ZegnatI am guessing it is included to make it clear that the extra data provided by the data elements is not consumed by most useragents (e.g. browsers), but the author will have to include scripts themselves. A table sorting script makes for a pretty clear example.
09:19wfpkhchello rianby64
09:20wfpkhcwtf! how come he messages someone and ges a response and i have been here an hour or more
09:20* wfpkhc ponders if he is invisible
09:21ZegnatI just happened to scroll by.
09:21wfpkhclucky him
09:21* wfpkhc sits and pouts on the couch*
09:22rianby64ah, uh, ok. Thanks Zegnat.
09:23Zegnatwfpkhc, I believe alt is available on input elements because of type=&quot;image&quot; not having any other way to enable UAs to read them out
09:23wfpkhcyes its available on type image - i get that
09:23wfpkhcwhat i dont get - is why is it on the type text?
09:24ZegnatIs it?
09:24wfpkhcaccording to the documentation it is
09:24ZegnatIf you look at the table listing what attributes are in effect on what types it is only listed for type=&quot;image&quot;
09:25wfpkhcbut the table is missing information
09:25wfpkhcits missing the &quot;disabled&quot; attribute
09:26ZegnatNote the sentence Which of the accept, alt, [] step, and width content attributes, [] IDL attributes, [] methods, and [] events apply to an input element depends on the state of its type attribute.
09:27ZegnatThe table is actually a non-normative summary. I am not 100% sure where the formal attributes-per-type is defined.
09:29Zegnat - scroll down to bookkeeping details, you will see alt is not a listed attribute for type=&quot;text&quot;
09:29ZegnatA comparable section should be included for every type state.
09:30ZegnatI hope that gets you going, wfpkhc :)
09:30wfpkhcthank you sir but i was told this list was better then w3
09:32wfpkhcbut appreciate the link sir
09:32ZegnatThe same definition is available on the whatwg version
09:32ZegnatScroll down to bookkeeping
09:33wfpkhck sir
09:34ZegnatSo, yeah, there is a list per input type. Hope that does answer your initial question.
09:34wfpkhcto be honest sir its 7 30 pm
09:35wfpkhcim dog tired and can barely read the screen
09:35wfpkhci think its about time i signed of shortly
09:37wfpkhcthank you Zegnat
09:37* wfpkhc hung smaug and gives him a gold coin as i know he loves gold under the mountain*
09:39wfpkhc*hung = hugs*
09:39wfpkhclol im a little tired
09:39wfpkhcand read what i just said :P
09:39wfpkhchello foolip
09:41fooliphello wfpkhc :)
09:41wfpkhchow are you sir?
09:41foolipwfpkhc: doin OK, had a bit of fun with
09:42wfpkhcthats awesome - i have no idea of what you are talking about but im happy for you
09:44foolipanyone want to review for me? annevk?
09:45wfpkhcwhat is it?
09:45foolipwfpkhc: tests for the fullscreen API when you remove an element which is in fullscreen
09:46wfpkhcoh ok
09:46wfpkhcclearly outside my realm of understanding
09:55wfpkhcnight night all
09:55wfpkhcmy brain has stopped working after 14 hours of programming
29 Jun 2017
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