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9 Sep 2017
02:54vivusHello. Is anybody lurking here?
03:37KartikPrabhuhi vivus
03:43vivusHi KartikPrabhu :) how are you?
03:44KartikPrabhuvery well
03:46vivusconcerning this site: . is there a way to get it to run locally?
03:46Loqi[microformats] H2VX microformats to vCard/iCalendar converter, test for issues
03:46vivusIt is running locally for me, but when I try to convert a generated hCard, it fails
03:48KartikPrabhuwhat about it is failing?
03:55vivuswell I have adjusted all the URLs so that it points locally now. eg.
03:56vivusUnless ... it shouldn't be pointing to that address
03:57KartikPrabhui think you sould use relative URLS
03:58KartikPrabhujust to be sure
03:58KartikPrabhumost likely the URLs in the code were relative anyway
04:00vivusthey're hard-coded as the domain:
04:00vivus document.getElementById('vcardlink').value = ''+uri;
04:01KartikPrabhuoh, then converting them to relative URLs is probably good instad of hard-coding another URL
04:02vivusKartikPrabhu: can you provide an example of relative URL?
04:04KartikPrabhuinstead of "" if you do "/page" then the "" is assumed
04:05vivusshould it be `/page` or `../page` ?
04:14KartikPrabhufrom "" the URL "/page" links to "" while "../page" links to ""
04:16vivusKartikPrabhu: if you look here: . you will see the URLs are hard-coded. what should I change those URLs to?
05:03vivusKartikPrabhu: so nothing I am trying is fixing the errors for running the website locally
05:03vivusHello tantek
08:00vivusdebugging the PHP app is quite a pain
08:33Zegnatvivus, you could always file an issue on the repository of you think all URLs should be made relative.
08:33vivusZegnat: to get the site to run locally is proving impossible. I have been at it for like 5 hours, making random quirks to PHP settings without luck
08:37vivusI think I may just write my own parser in Python
08:38ZegnatHmm, that's unexpected. I'm sure I have run it. Will take a look once I get my hands on breakfast
08:40vivusThank you Zegnat . Please let me know what changes you made to run it and I will do the same
08:45ZegnatI don't remember any changes. But we'll see. Will keep you posted, vivus.
09:31Zegnatvivus, it seems to work for me locally. What is failing for you exactly?
09:31ZegnatI didnt need to change any URLs to make it work.
09:35ZegnatOnly URLs like /vcf/ will not work when you have the site sitting in a subdirectory, looks like. But through the form field: no problems.
10:18[kevinmarks]There is a microformats parser in python, it's constructing the vcard that needs doing
13:55vivusZegnat: so you just ran it as-is and had no conflicts with the domain-name?
13:56vivusand from what kevinmarks has said, is the vcard/hCard relationship not 1-to-1?
14:09[kevinmarks]It's pretty close - h-card is a bit different in terms of nesting
14:18vivus[kevinmarks]: the problem I have with using h-card is lack of support across devices. I believe hCard is supported on Android/iOS/Thunderbird/other-clients, so it might be better to adopt that option for now
14:19vivusunless h-card provides major benefits over hCard
16:11ZegnatThe preview URL is wrong, yes, vivus. But that is a presentational thing, not a functional thing. You can still use the download button or the links with your domain substituted in.
17:30Loqi[@hirameki] () h376 MicroFormats from id:kunimiya (
10 Sep 2017
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