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7 Aug 2017
12:41rnd123hello, is there a support channel for Microdata?
12:47Zegnatrnd123 I am not sure, what are you looking for specifically?
12:48rnd123hello Zegnat, i have a problem with my implementation of my html5 microdata and google's image search service and i'm looking for a place in which i could ask some questions and get some answers about it
12:49ZegnatMicrodata is/was part of the HTML spec. But it sounds like you are having a problem not with the HTML part of it, but the specific vocabulary. No idea where you would be able to get help with that.
12:50rnd123I used this guide
12:51rnd123And i'm not getting the results i was expecting, so i'm looking for a place in which i could freely ask about it, sorry
12:52ZegnatAll I know about Microdata is that you can use to check how it gets parsed. What a consumer (e.g. Google) does with the output I have no idea where that would be documented though.
12:53rnd123thanks a lot Zegnat going to use it
12:54ZegnatGood luck, and sorry I couldnt help more. Obviously I would recommend just using microformats instead, but that seems counterintuitive ;)
12:55rnd123they only problem is with the images search engine, every other google service works fine with my code
12:56rnd123i think they just made changes and forgot or don't want to update the docs
12:57rnd123that link "supposedly" has all the information about their interpretation on these formats, used it and still doesn't work
12:57rnd123i think i'ma give up
12:58rnd123thanks a lot once more Zegnat
13:09rnd123Zegnat: the link you gave me parses everything just fine :)
13:15ZegnatIf it parses all your data fine, the problem is not with your HTML but with Google as consumer
13:45rnd123Zegnat: found the problem
13:46rnd123In case of Google Search For its image-related search features, Google typically (probably even in all cases) requires an ImageObject value (instead of an URL value).
13:46rnd123i was not using an ImageObject .....
13:46rnd123i was using the image property and the url
13:49rnd123i also found out that yandex requires an imageobject to get the images indexed in the image search service
13:49ZegnatTo be honest, I still expect Google is adding images to their library if they are just plain old <img> elements. So I am not going to worry about any of that. Haha
13:53rnd123their web browser does not yet support animated png nowadays...(had some issues time ago with that), wondering myself what is the real problem between google and images
13:59rnd123well, fixes done, now i must wait about 1-2 weeks to see if changes worth anything, im greatly grateful for your help, Zegnat, thanks a bunch. Have a nice day to everyone :)
8 Aug 2017
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