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5 Jan 2017
01:53Loqi[@softfennec] @myfreeweb consider that you're saying this on twitter because not a damn soul uses microformats2 (
01:54Loqi[@softfennec] @myfreeweb well, microformats2-based feasible social media either way (
02:14tanteknah, just 10s of thousands of sites
02:29KevinMarks_Twitter has mf2 in their exports
02:29KevinMarks_Well, kinda
02:29KevinMarks_In the js generated html
02:40tantekexports aren't really part of the "media" as it were that they're referring to
08:02Loqi[@mauricioaniche] @azaidman the only one I disagree is "design microformats", seem a bit complicated and easy to break. I prefer test data builders! (
18:01aaronpkshouldn't HTML comments be removed in the plaintext version of a property?
18:04gRegorLoveI think so
18:05aaronpkugh nasty bug
18:06gRegorLoveThird bullet reads to me like DOM textContent should drop it already. Maybe not using it correctly. Is this php-mf2?
18:10gRegorLoveSeems to work. What's a breaking example?
18:11aaronpkoh man
18:15aaronpkit was fixed in 0.3.0
18:15aaronpkapparently my local mf2 parser is still on 0.2
18:15aaronpkhere's the actual example
18:15aaronpkthe contents of the script tag were included in the plaintext
18:15aaronpkand when the contents of the script tag included an html comment...
18:19gRegorLoveCommented on github, but dropping here too: would appreciate code review on the 3 PR for php-mf2 so we can merge them:
18:20aaronpkah cool. i'm almost done with this (famous last words) then i'll take a look
18:29aaronpkokay cool. now i'm back to just regular spam on this post instead of crashy spam.
6 Jan 2017
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