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19 May 2017
00:05Loqi[@Jim_Munro] VAULT | 4Jan14: Where is the best place to learn about microformats? Q&A: #DSQLive #SEO (
01:03[shaners]The answer to that question *should* be, right?
01:20Loqi[@rubygems] microformats (4.0.2): A Ruby gem to parse HTML containing one or more microformats and microformats2 and return a (
01:21[shaners]Oh yeah? Whatd 4.0.2 fix?
01:21ben_thatmustbeme4.0.2 includes a command line "microformats" tool
01:21ben_thatmustbememicroformats <url>
01:21ben_thatmustbemealso works from stdin
01:22[shaners]Fuck yes
01:22ben_thatmustbemecurl <url> | microformats
01:22[shaners]Are you much familiar with SEMVER aka Semantic Versioning?
01:22* ben_thatmustbeme goes to google
01:23[shaners]Since this is a new minor feature and not a bug fix, i wouldve called it 4.1.0.
01:23ben_thatmustbemeah, should have really gone to 4.1.0
01:23[shaners]But its not a big deal this direction
01:23ben_thatmustbemenot worth re-releasing to change the name
01:23[shaners]Fucking up the other way is much bigger deal.
01:23[shaners]Ie, releasing a breaking change in a non-major version.
01:24ben_thatmustbemeyeah, thats the most important bit
01:24[shaners]The more you know :rainbow star wipe:
01:25ben_thatmustbemeit doesn&#39;t know ifs a url though without http://
01:25ben_thatmustbemewill just get a blank result, as it thinks its html
01:25LoqiTantek elik h
01:26ben_thatmustbemewill give you a full parse of the page
01:26[shaners]easy enough fix sometime
03:10[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme What is rel-urls vs rels? Is this something you came up with or do the other parsers do it too?
03:20Loqi[Tantek elik] microformats2 parsing specification
03:20ben_thatmustbemeThat&#39;s in the spec
05:00Loqi[[h-event]] * Saliniverma * (+109)
05:12KartikPrabhu!tell tantek: spam edits at :
05:12LoqiOk, I&#39;ll tell them that when I see them next
06:56[kevinmarks]In effect rels and rel-urls have equivalent information, but are indexed so you can look up by rel value or by url (as we found that depending on what you were doing both are useful)
07:22Zegnat[kevinmarks], is that a reply to mblaney and me in #indieweb-dev?
08:31[kevinmarks]No to
08:36Zegnat[kevinmarks], that link does not work for non-Slack users?
08:37aaronpkheh i should make the slack gateway translate those slack archive URLs into URLs
10:06[shaners]kevinmarks Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.
11:50Loqi[@DebianBug] New bug: 862964 - - jessie-pu: package libhtml-microformats-perl/0.105-2+deb8u1... (
11:54Loqi[@gogasi_] DebianBug: New bug: 862964 - - jessie-pu: package libhtml-microformats-perl/0.105-2+deb8u1... (
13:57Loqi[[h-feed]] * Kevin Marks * (+113) /* Converters */ unmung
14:31Loqi[[microformats2]] * Benthatmustbeme * (+20) /* Implementations */ move ruby to production parser
16:01[mko]This just made me wonder... what happens to threads and reactions on Slack in the IndieWeb IRC (or IRC logs)?
16:02[mko]Fun fact: Threads just got appended to the bottom of the IRC / IRC Log. Reactions get ignored.
16:03aaronpkoh good
16:03aaronpknot sure how to translate reactions to IRC in a way that makes sense :)
16:06[mko]Yeah. I wouldn&#39;t imagine there is a good mechanism except maybe as /me effects. &quot;mko reacted to < permalink url> with <emoji>&quot;
16:06[mko]Similar to the Loqi /me effects for editing the wiki.
16:08aaronpkhah that&#39;d do it
16:08aaronpka little noisy tho :)
16:10sknebelmaybe just have Loqi tell the slack user in slack that reactions don&#39;t do anyhting? :P
21:02[kevinmarks]Hm. If you do map the line urls, you could send them as reacji webmentions to the logs
22:51aaronpk[kevinmarks]: hah that&#39;s true! Making the logs the canonical version really
23:30Loqi[@ScalaWilliam] Microformats 2: (
20 May 2017
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