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18 May 2017
00:44Loqi[@rubygems] microformats (4.0.1): A Ruby gem to parse HTML containing one or more microformats and microformats2 and return a (
01:13[shaners]tantek @benward aaronpk et al: who controls the dns for ?
01:17tantekshaners, the micrognomes :)
01:17* tantek checks logs
01:18[shaners]can you pass a message to them please?
01:18Loqi[veganstraightedge] #3 Wire up DNS ( ?)
01:18tantekshaners, any reason why won't do for now?
01:19tantekcould also setup top level /ruby if there's a good reason for it (as compared to other languages or other top level stuff)
01:19tantekah, will add to issue
01:19tantekapologies for redirecting
01:19[shaners] is a standalone rails app. Deploying that to a wiki page seems unlikely.
01:20[shaners]I am proposing that each of the language parser websites live at a subdomain:
01:20[shaners] etc
01:20tantekI'd rather see subdomains for separate user-facing apps if we really want to bother with maintaining subdomains
01:21tantekthe higher level problem is that we are already stretched beyond what we can maintain, so I'd be against more microformats server admin stuff
01:21[shaners]I built the ruby parser site yesterday in a few hours. But I dont want to host it on my personal domain, nor at a branded heroku subdomain.
01:22[shaners]Im down to maintain the app and run it on heroku. But id rather the url be in name space.
01:22[kevinmarks]twitter has microformats, but only on intent pages
01:22[kevinmarks]and in the embedded iframes
01:22[shaners](I also think its better self-documentation than on misc personal sites)
01:23[shaners]lang name subdomains, that is
01:27tantekTwitter used to have microformats (classic) on profiles and permalinks
01:31tantekshaners++ for !
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01:31tantekbtw this needs some serious updating to at a minimum link to the updated repo, and that test site (with perhaps an invitation for someone to put a domain for it!)
01:32tantekooh "We're sorry, but something went wrong. / If you are the application owner check the logs for more information." (just tried
01:32[shaners]Im pushing the fix as we speak. ben_thatmustbeme released 4.0.1 earlier today.
01:33[shaners]try again
01:34[shaners]Ill leave updating the wiki as an exercise for ben_thatmustbeme et al.
01:34[shaners]As for the invitation for someone to put a domain for it what does that mean?
01:39ben_thatmustbemeHe means to request others to put up a domain for it
01:39[shaners]but why bother with another domain when we already have
01:46tantekdistributing the admin load
01:47tantekwhen we're already over capacity on
01:47[shaners]If I was give access to the DNS, I could do it
01:50tantekshaners, it's not a matter of initial work, we're over capacity on admin load because of ongoing maintenance, which is nearly always discounted / ignored in these kinds of discussions
01:50tantekhaving someone else do it on another domain delegates the maintenance, which is far more important (costly over time) than any initial setup
01:51[shaners]putting it on another domain just pushes the maintenance to some where/one else.
01:51[shaners]IMO, at the expense of, user/reader ux.
01:53[shaners]How does someone (not me necessarily, just asking) become part of the we that helps take on the burden of ongoing maintenance for
01:55tanteklike any other community, starts showing up and doing other productive reliable work
01:55tantekhey that's an faq
01:56[shaners]What if someone doesnt want to do other work? They just want to do dns admin?
01:56tantekbecause we've had trolls (not you obv) in the past try to claim they should be admins
01:56tantekit's about community trust
01:56tantekhave never seen that work out well, volunteer admins for a community that they don't actually have any other (personal or otherwise) stake in
01:56[shaners]sure. thats fair.
01:57[shaners](Sincerely. I see how that can read as snark. Its not.)
01:57tantekI took it sincerely :)
01:58tantekhah - literally the only FAQ about admins
01:58Loqiadmin FAQ
01:59tantekshaners, that being said, if you have suggestions for improving the politeness, tone, encouragment etc. of that faq - totally open to it
01:59[shaners]So, were at an impasse. You dont want to do it as a subdomain. I dont want to host it somewhere else. You think the ongoing maintenance down the road will be more than its worth. I think its a one and done cname. Maaaybe updated in years.
02:00[shaners]Its not like installing or maintaining wikimedia or wordpress.
02:03[shaners]CNAME ruby
02:10tantek!tell ben_thatmustbeme want to take a crack at updating ?
02:10LoqiOk, I'll tell them that when I see them next
02:18tantekshaners, would a redirect from to be an ok or at least acceptable interim compromise?
02:19[shaners]Would a personal domain redirect to a * or * be acceptable?
02:19[shaners]Its certainly not preferable. But \_()_/
02:24ben_thatmustbemeI think it's okay that it not be on the subdomain.
02:24Loqiben_thatmustbeme: tantek left you a message 13 minutes ago: want to take a crack at updating ?
02:24ben_thatmustbemeI actually think it's better on a different domain
02:24[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme do you want to take that on?
02:25ben_thatmustbemeIf I had a system set up for ruining Ruby, sure
02:25[shaners]Im already running the app in Heroku land. Thats not the problem.
02:26ben_thatmustbemeSo it's literally just a domain name
02:26[shaners]I just dont want to have another domain on my docket.
02:26[shaners](And Id prefer that the community doesnt have to learn and remember yet another domain, but that ship seems to have sailed.)
02:27ben_thatmustbemeI'll take a look tomorrow
02:27ben_thatmustbemeSame hours for the wiki page tantek
02:29ben_thatmustbemeStupid phone
02:29ben_thatmustbemeSame goes*
02:29ben_thatmustbemeThink it's good to list in the stable section?
02:29[shaners]I think so
02:30[shaners]Its spec compliant and with good test coverage
02:34tantekgo for it
02:36tantekFWIW the Python parser has a live version on a heroku URL also
02:37[shaners]i know. i think thats poor form. for the same reasons that we discourage that for personal domains.
02:38tantekseems ok for just "tools" that aren't actually hosting any content
02:38[shaners]this and pin13 both have permalinks. to me that counts as content.
02:38tantekoh of the parsed content? that's a good point
02:39[shaners]for parsed urls and parsed html snippets
04:15aaronpkHosting content with permalinks is a great reason not to use * actually
04:16aaronpki would want to make sure the permalinks expired very quickly if they were on
04:22* gRegorLove gets back to updating /h-card-examples
04:22gRegorLoveShould it still mention XFN examples like /hcard-examples ? Are there XFN consumers?
04:23tantekcertainly consumers of rel=me :)
04:24gRegorLoveReally? ;)
04:24aaronpkI think it's perfectly fine to have the different language parsers spread across a bunch of different domains. It's not like Microformats is a corporation that is developing client libraries that need to look branded and consistent. Having it on multiple domains makes it look more widely adopted if anything!
04:24gRegorLoveExamples on there are for others, "References to People in Blog Posts" "References to People in Blogrolls"
04:45Loqi[[h-card-examples]] * GRegorLove * (+860) === Site profiles === modernized examples, linked to web-sign-in
05:42Loqi[@emiri] @unk__14 hCalendar (
18:25schmartyben_thatmustbeme++ for the new h-feed support in ruby microformats gem!
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18:26schmarty[shaners]++ for the gem consolidation and release!
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