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18 Apr 2017
14:22Loqi[@wrong_travis] Note to self: what email clients support microformats in email signatures? (
21:37gRegorLoveFor I misread initially, didn't see the alt=""
21:37gRegorLoveSo does look like a bug in php-mf2, should just use the blank alt value per &quot;replacing any nested <img> elements with their alt attribute, if present; otherwise their src attribute, if present, adding a space at the beginning and end, resolving any relative URLs, and removing all leading/trailing whitespace.&quot;
21:38gRegorLoveThis line should be handling it:
21:39aaronpkis the alt attribute being removed because it&#39;s empty?
21:39aaronpklike, before this code gets to it?
21:40gRegorLoveHistorically I don&#39;t think so, but I&#39;d have to test.
21:57gRegorLoveHah. Always check for the simplest explanation. Last release was 2016-03-14 and the fix was in 2016-04-17
21:57gRegorLoveWorks with latest:
22:01aaronpkwell then
22:02gRegorLoveWould really like to get my latest PR in, if it will start passing PHP7 nightly build
22:03gRegorLoveBut regardless, probably time for a new release :)
22:04aaronpkyes i&#39;ve been meaning to check that out
19 Apr 2017
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