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17 May 2017
01:46Loqi[@kevinmarks] This looks like a splendid thing, but I would love a version that used microformats rather than property. (
03:33Loqi[@rubygems] microformats2 (3.1.0): Parses HTML for microformats and return a collection of dynamically defined Ruby objects (
03:35Loqi[@rubygems] microformats (4.0.0): A Ruby gem to parse HTML containing one or more microformats and microformats2 and return a (
03:35[shaners]Fuck yes!
03:36[shaners]From now on, all you need to do (in Rubyland) is:
03:36[shaners]gem install microformats
03:36[shaners]in a Gemfile:
03:36[shaners]gem microformats
03:36Loqishaners has 6 karma in this channel (66 overall)
05:40aaronpkWow awesome!
05:41aaronpkI think I have a simple anti spam thingy on pin13, I usually do a hidden form field that swaps a value with JS that fools most automated form submission bots
05:42aaronpkI don't have anything to prevent targeted spam yet. I figured I'd deal with that once it became a problem
09:19Loqi[@twodogsgaming] Just coming to grips with the #SEO benefits of using microformats. Granular like grains of sand on a beach, yo. (
09:20Loqi[@twodogsgaming] Coming to grips with the #SEO benefits of using microformats. Granular, like sand on a beach. #downtherabbithole (
19:13Loqi[@dissolve333] @brentsimmons @manton just saw JSON Feed. Why another side file, when you have microformats already in your page? (
19:42Loqi[@Nick_argall] @jessyseonoob @lightonseo Les jobboards peuvent dj commencer a intgrer les microformats ddis, ils gagneront du (
19:55Loqi[@veganstraightedge] Dear @github friends on the inside, Seemingly all #microformats have been removed from the site (namely profiles). Any idea why? (
19:55aaronpkthere were microformats on github profiles?
20:05KartikPrabhui wonder if they removed rel-me
20:06KartikPrabhuseems to still work
20:13Loqi[@costerhout] @click2carney vcard / hcard: (
20:19Loqi[@veganstraightedge] @github Dear @Twitter friends on the inside, Seemingly all #microformats have been removed from the site (namely p (
20:20KartikPrabhuwait, Twitter had microformats?
20:22aaronpkmaybe this is a subtle ploy by [shaners] to get twitter and github to add microformats by making them think they were accidentally removed
20:22KartikPrabhuthat would be genius :P
20:28Loqi[@click2carney] @costerhout And there's a generator! (recommended by @jackosborne in 2009 @html5doctor (
21:11ben_thatmustbemeBlah, so I think I have been thinking of this wrong. [shaners] ignore that PR for now
21:29[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme Also, I need to pull back from active involvement in the development of the gem. I was happy to help sherpa the transition from old gem to new gem. But day to day, I cant be in the weeds. And more importantly, I cant be a bottleneck.
21:30[shaners]Its yours to push forward as you see fit. You can untoggle the admin / PR / review restrictions in the repo settings so you can merge your own PRs if theres no one else around. (I dont think anyone else is much involved.)
21:30[shaners]You can release new versions of the gem without me. If you have any issues releasing 4.0.1, lemme know and well work it out.
22:18ben_thatmustbeme[shaners]: should be fine. I'll let you know if the are any other issues that come up
18 May 2017
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