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17 Mar 2017
05:06Loqi[@BloggersBooks] Author hReview Plugin Review and Usage #Blogging, #Bloggers (
05:35[eddie]So it seams that most h-entry properties are p-. u- exists for different types of urls. dt- exists for datetime, and e- is for entry?
05:35[eddie]I'm assuming p- stands for property?
05:35[eddie]I'm thinking through what it would look like to dogfood new microformat attributes until official ones are made. Is it better for me to use p- to line up with convention or to use something like m- for "media" if I'm trying to detail things like tv show data or progress through a book (I noticed gRegorLove uses p-page and p-total informally for his read posts according to /read)
06:14tantekeddie, the p- u- dt- e- are fixed
06:15tantekeddie, take a look at for more background
11:58[eddie]Perfect!! Thanks for that link, just what I was trying to find!!
18 Mar 2017
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