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17 Feb 2017
06:35Loqi[@tyseo] Nouveaux microformats : (
06:43KevinMarks_Ceci n'est pas une microformat
06:47KartikPrabhuyeah that ship has sailed
06:47LoqiKartikPrabhu: tantek left you a message 1 week, 2 days ago: RSI is
06:52Loqi[@NLY_C] RT @ ShakeEventRT tyseo: Nouveaux microformats : (
17:00Loqi[@tlksio] Microformats with Tantek elik via @repejota (
23:42tantekKevinmarks, re: that's pretty interesting
23:43* tantek compares that commit to
23:43LoqihAtom 0.1
23:47tantekI meant
23:47Loqih-feed is a microformats2 draft for marking up a stream or feed of h-entry posts, like complete posts on a home page or archive pages, or summaries or other brief lists of posts.
23:47Loqih-feed is the microformats2 update to hAtom's "hfeed".
23:47LoqiPer CC0, to th...
23:47tantekit looks like I never spec'd a backcompat section for h-feed!
23:47tantekjust one sentence for publishers: "... for backwards compatibility you should also mark h-feed up as a classic hAtom "hfeed". "
18 Feb 2017
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