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16 May 2017
17:08[shaners]The old microformats repo has been transferred to me now. Ill change up the settings and make a note in the readme, then transfer it over.
17:08[shaners]to the indieweb org
17:14[shaners]The repo is now at
17:14Loqi[indieweb] microformats-ruby-old: Nothing quite yet, the future new home of the Microformats Ruby parser
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17:43[shaners]Im working on a 3.1 branch now. Ill push soon for review.
18:03aaronpkThere was an old repo?
18:05[shaners]aaronpk There was a previous gem called microformats which is why I called the one that I started microformats2". Its repo was chrisjpowers/microformats. It was dormant, unmaintained and unfinished.
18:05[shaners]I asked him if hed give them to us. He did.
18:06[shaners]microformats-ruby-old is transferred over (and renamed) for posterity. The README now says that its unmaintained and directs readers to the real parser.
18:07[shaners]Next up is a process to release the mf2 gem under the simpler name of just microformats.
18:07aaronpki never noticed the new one was called "microformats2"
18:07[shaners]Its not a huge deal. But its a little thing that always bugged me.
18:07[shaners]Especially now that it supports legacy microformats too, not just microformats2.
18:14[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme PR ready for your review when you have time
18:14Loqi[veganstraightedge] #65 Release 3.1 as a transition to renaming to microformats (4.0)
19:20gRegorLoveHmm, php-mf2 seems to be converting <br /> to <br></br> in the e-* html
19:20aaronpkfor real? i feel like i would have noticed that
19:21gRegorLoveDouble-checking my markup...
19:22gRegorLoveYeah for, the <br> between the links
19:22* gRegorLove checks unmung
19:23gRegorLovemf2py on unmung gets it right:
19:27[shaners]Has there ever been any talk of having unified mf parser site?
19:27[shaners]i.e., etc
19:30gRegorLoveLooks like the issue is with DOMDocument::saveHTML
19:30[shaners]gRegorLove: Heres the Ruby parsing of your post.
19:31gRegorLove[shaners]: iirc willnorris had a page with iframes running each of the parsers at last year&#39;s IWS.
19:31[shaners]any idea the url?
19:32gRegorLoveNot offhand, but let me check
19:32ZegnatgRegorLove, ah, DOMDocument makes sense. I know it can require some extra string parsing for void elements.
19:34gRegorLoveZegnat: Yeah, had to do some workarounds to get a better &quot;innerText&quot; for php-mf2. Might have to do similar for this.
19:34Loqi[gRegorLove] #82 Implemented @glennjones &quot;innerText&quot; parsing for better parsed whitespace
19:39gRegorLove[shaners]: Can&#39;t seem to find it. I would have expected it to appear on if anywhere, but don&#39;t see it.
19:39[shaners]oh well
19:41gRegorLoveI&#39;ll ask him on twitter
20:10Loqi[@willnorris] @gRegorLove though apparently the go server is down... I&#39;ll try and get that back up
20:22ben_thatmustbemere the <br> tag conversion, there is a similar problem in the ruby parser with <img /> tag, but only if you modify the tag
20:23ben_thatmustbemeat least thats the only place i saw an issue, didn&#39;t actually try it on the old one
20:23ben_thatmustbemes/the old one/many tests
20:24ben_thatmustbemeits a &#39;feature&#39;? of nokogiri that it automatically corrects your html to be current
20:25[shaners]I think so. At one point, it set out to match whatever Firefox did. Not sure if still stuff.
20:26[shaners]Also, I think there is a flag you can un/set to correct un-well-formed markup or not. I think.
20:28ben_thatmustbeme[shaners]: re PR, should we also mention that they may need to change class names as well once 4.0 launches Microformats.parse instead of Microformats2.parse?
20:29[shaners]Good catch
20:29[shaners]Ill add a commit
20:30ben_thatmustbemedon&#39;t see any way to turn it off
20:30[shaners]Ping @tenderlove on Twitter
20:30[shaners]Maybe Im wrong
20:31aaronpkis it converting it to well-formed XML or HTML?
20:32[shaners]ben_thatmustbeme I just realized I was getting ahead of myself.
20:33[shaners]Should 3.1 be just a message that 4.0 is coming and this change message in 4.0?
20:33[shaners]Or should 3.1 include this whole message AND change class names?
20:33ben_thatmustbemei see where you are going with it, its just an annoying change for some people i&#39;m sure, and i want to make sure we get it right
20:33ben_thatmustbemeyeah, thats tough... hmm
20:34[shaners]Im leaning toward, 3.1 shouldnt breaking anything, only warn of the future and instruct how to move forward.
20:34ben_thatmustbemeideally, can we make it so you can use either for 3.1?
20:34[shaners]Would you be willing to take on that aspect of 3.1?
20:35[shaners]PS. Im working on a Ruby port of
20:36[shaners]You can reject my PR or build upon it. Either is fine by me.
20:36aaronpkoh nice, of the little parser form thingy?
20:36[shaners]enter URL / html, get json
20:36aaronpknot that you need it, but if you&#39;re curious, the source code is here
20:36Loqi[aaronpk] mf2-test: Small web page for displaying parsed microformats2
20:37ben_thatmustbemeactually, its super simple to do [shaners]
20:37ben_thatmustbemeboth options
20:38[shaners]dealers choice
20:39[shaners]aaronpk What does Save HTML checkbox do?
20:39aaronpkcreates a permalink with the HTML you enter
20:39aaronpkso it&#39;s like a gist for microformats
20:39[shaners]Oh i see. `?id=timestamp`
20:40[shaners]any reason you did a timestamp instead of a auto increment id? 1, 2, 3
20:40[shaners]whats the danger of guessable?
20:40aaronpkor rather, less easily enumerable
20:41aaronpkjust didn&#39;t want people to troll through the IDs to find stuff
20:43ben_thatmustbeme[shaners]: is the plan to release 3.1 and 4.0 basically simulataneously
20:44ben_thatmustbemeso i suppose this bit isn&#39;t needed, but it will allow people to do these steps in either order
20:46ben_thatmustbemehave to run, just pushed a change [shaners]
20:46ben_thatmustbemeto that branch
21:15[shaners]aaronpk Your labels could use a `for` attr to make them clickable. (On
21:15aaronpkgood call. i always forget that
21:21gRegorLoveDoes pin13 clear saved parses after a period?
21:22aaronpkNot yet but I reserve the right to :-)
21:23gRegorLoveNow I&#39;m curious how many there are :)
21:23aaronpkThere&#39;s a note on there that says they expire right?
21:24[shaners]i dont see one
21:24aaronpkoh huh, i must be thinking of
21:25aaronpkthere&#39;s 12mb of data :)
21:26aaronpk658 items
21:26aaronpksince Dec 2015
22:09[shaners]aaronpk Who controls the DNS for
22:17[shaners]Here is a Ruby port of
22:17[shaners]I would like to set up the DNS for it to live at
22:18[shaners]JSON URLs are similar to pin13&#39;s:
22:21[shaners]Presentation for saved HTML snippets is similar too.
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22:32[shaners]aaronpk How do you avoid getting blasted with spam on pin13?
22:32gRegorLoveLooks nice! Appears it&#39;s not normalizing relative URLs, like the profile photo.
22:33gRegorLoveOh it&#39;s just the rendered HTML as-is. That&#39;s probably fine then
23:04[shaners]gregorlove: correct
23:04[shaners]I didnt think it was worth the effort to fix up the relative paths in displayed HTML
23:05[shaners]Take a look. If its good and you approve, Ill release microformats2 3.1 a microformats 4.0 tonight.
23:05Loqi[veganstraightedge] #66 Rename and number from Microformats2 to Microformats (version bump to 4.0.0)
17 May 2017
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