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15 Apr 2017
16:02aaronpkthe `category` property on h-entry is not supposed to contain a hashtag, correct?
16:02aaronpkI should use markup like `#<span class=&quot;p-category&quot;>microformats</span>`?
16:03Loqiit is probable
16:05martymcguire[m]that&#39;s what i&#39;ve been doing
16:06aaronpki&#39;m thinking about making XRay strip the hashtag from the category property if it finds one
16:14ZegnatIt could contain the #-symbol, but that would make it part of the category name. If that is not what you had in mind, then it should not be there.
16:15ZegnatNot sure if parsers should make decisions about what symbols someone uses as part of the category name. I might want an ironic meta-category called #hashtag
16:16aaronpkmf2 parsers shouldn&#39;t change it, but XRay is one level up from an mf2 parser
22:11Loqi[[activity-streams]] * Tantek * (+359) move activity object brainstorm to rejected brainstorms with reasons and links to indieweb wiki accordingly, and warning
16 Apr 2017
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